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5 Best Toilet Squat Stools in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

When you compare the western-style toilets, the Indian toilet system has always been considered to be the best option. They have been observed to be excellent options for an effective bowel movement. However, there are situations where you may find it a little challenging to squat even on the Indian toilets. That is perhaps an area that squat stools can be useful.

A squat stool can be an excellent option for the toddlers for potty training them or even used by the adults if they are not comfortable with their proper pooping sitting on the toilets due to several reasons such as obesity or joint pains, and is definitely one of the must-have home appliances!

How to Choose a Toilet Squat Stool – A Complete Buying guide

Before we can check out a few great options for the best squat stools, it would be good to check out a few key parameters you need to check out for the best experience in buying them. We will peek into a few prime factors you need to look into if when buying a squat stool or a toilet step stool.

1. Capacity2. Construction & Material3. Anti-Slippery Base4. Foldability5. Size

A squat stool’s capacity would mainly be measured in terms of the weight that it can carry. Ideally, the stools can come with the capability of handling around 80 to 100 Kgs.

You can pick the stool depending on the person for whom you are planning to buy it. Opting for a squat stool that has a weight carrying capacity of around 20 to 30 Kgs more than your weight would be a good idea.

The material used in the toilet step stool construction would be yet another critical factor one would need to pay special attention to. Most of these stools come with construction with ABS plastic, BPA-free, and eco-friendly plastic.

It may be a good idea to opt for the one with a good quality plastic that offers a lightweight construction. You can also use stools made of other materials such as steel or aluminium, but they can get slippery.

The toilet area can be quite full of water. A squat stool can perhaps slip off if it does not have the right degree of the base. An anti-slippery base can prove to be quite efficient in helping you prevent the possible mishaps because of the potential slips.

Foldability of the squat stool can be yet another buying facto that would assume a lot of importance. If it is foldable, you can keep it quickly at a corner of the bathroom. If your bathroom or toilet area is too compact, a foldable squat stool would definitely be a great option in the long run. An option assembles and disassembles it easily can be an added advantage.

The squat stool size can be yet another essential factor you would need to pay special attention to as people have different sizes of their feet. The size should be able to offer a comfortable positioning for the right posture for pooping. An uncomfortable stature can affect the ability to eliminate waste.

Best Squat Stools in India

Having checked out the best factors, you need to check out before buying your squat stool; we present our top five picks for the best toilet step stools or squat stools that can prove to be effective for toddlers and adults alike.

TechHark Dr Advice Plastic Stool for Toilet

The TechHark Dr Advice Plastic Stool for Toilet comes with a scientific angle and thus provides you with a great degree of comfortability. Endorsed by doctors (as claimed by the manufacturer), the squat stool has been made with the materials that provide enhanced durability. The Polyurethane plastic provides a stronger functionality and a family-friendly construction.

The 7.5 inch Squatting Stool comes with the is offered with a mobile stand option. It would provide you with a healthy and comfortable squatting position that would lead you to get access to a healthy life. It is designed to provide you with a healthier, faster, and smoother squatting and bowel movements, thus making it one of the best squat stools in India.

Best Squat Stools in India

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The ABS Unbreakable Plastic has been considered a great option in a wide range of application areas. The use of the material for the TechHark Dr Advice Plastic Stool for Toilet can be one of the prime reasons for opting for it. It can work efficiently with most toilet sizes.

Pros and Cons of TechHark Dr Advice Plastic Stool


  • It helps prevent constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS & Bowel disease
  • Protects the nerves that control the prostate, bladder, and uterus from getting stretched.
  • Offers safety to kids.
  • Affordable price point


  • Will take some time to get adjusted
TechHark Dr Advice Plastic Stool FAQs

Q: What is the weight of the stool?

A: Weight should not matter as you would keep your feet on it.

Q: Is it for adults or kids?

A: It can be used for all age groups.

Syga Plastic Stool for Toilet

Coming from Syga, you can believe in the excellent workmanship of the product. The stool is comfortable and easy to use for all age groups except for toddlers and provides a comfortable squatting position. The 46 x 29 x 21.5 cm size should be one of the factors that would make it one of the best options with a wide and wavy area.

The anti-slippery surface and feet should be one of the factors that would prevent any sort of mishaps. You should also be able to use it on an Indian toilet because of the anti-slippery feet. The squat stool can handle a weight of up to 70 Kgs. It can help you avoid situations such as Constipation and Bloating, Hemorrhoids, and Straining. It can also be an excellent option to prevent  IBS, Pelvic Floor, and bladder issues.

Syga Plastic Stool for Toilet

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The stool weighs just around 800 grams, and that would make it one of the most comfortable ones to go with. The stool lets you squat with the right posture and a opt for a healthy way of enjoying a healthy life.

Pros and Cons of Syga Plastic Stool for Toilet


  • Recommended by doctors for avoiding wrong posture and subsequent constipation.
  • Wider surface area.
  • Lets you eliminate stools naturally.


  • There is no product warranty applicable.
Syga Plastic Stool for Toilet FAQs

Q: What is the height of the stool?

A: The height is a 21 cm

Q: Can it handle a 100 Kg weight?

A: Yes, it should be able to handle 100 Kg

SHOPPOSTREET Women’s Plastic Anti-Slip Stool

A new age squat stool for the western toilets, it can be one of the best toilet training aids for kids. Of course, it can also be used by adults for an efficient posture for trouble-free squatting. The stool can be one of the best options for your needs in supporting your feet and avoiding the fear of falling. You would feel extremely comfortable when using it, and it offers you a better degree of space for your feet.

It can even improve the décor of your home. It also offers you a trendy design. The stool has an excellent high-quality plastic construction that is both strong and powerful. The product provides you with strong protection against breaking, denting, and cracking. The legs are equipped with anti-skid rubber pads.

Anti-Slip Squat Potty Stool

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It provides you with an efficient and effective squatting position. It can be an excellent option for correcting your toilet posture. It also comes with a potty training foot. You can be assured of a better bowel movement. The trendy design can be a great option.

Pros and Cons of SHOPPOSTREET Women's Plastic Anti-Slip Stool


  • It helps you take care of haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and abdominal distension.
  • It would be an excellent toilet training aid.
  • Reduces the stress on rectal veins.


  • No major cons.
SHOPPOSTREET Women's Plastic Anti-Slip Stool FAQs

Q: Is it inclined?

A: Yes, it is slightly inclined.

Q: Is it good for kids?

A: Yes, it can be used both for kids and adults alike

GETKO WITH DEVICE Portable Sturdy Plastic Squat stool

An excellent design is what would provide you with an enhanced experience in terms of construction. The anti-slip foot pads can further be a great option in the long run. A sturdy and robust design coupled with excellent support can be one of the best options for your needs. In fact, the stool offers you multiple functions as it would be helpful using as a stepping stool for getting things from the shelf.

The stool can also be used for the kids to reach places such as a bed or sofa. The handles at both the ends can be yet another excellent option for the kids or elderly. It can also be a good design factor if you look at it from the portability point of view.

Best Toilet Squat Stool in India

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The squat stool has been designed to keep the kids in mind and can double up as an efficient learning tool. That apart, it works as an excellent tool for other tasks in the bathroom. The unique two-step design is one of the thoughtful innovations and makes it entirely different from the other squat stools in this compilation.

Pros and Cons of GETKO Plastic Squat Stool


  • A perfect learning tool for kids.
  • Excellent quality and durable construction
  • A unique and innovative design


  • No major cons
GETKO Plastic Squat Stool FAQs

Q: Can it be used by adults to reach a high position?

A: Cannot reach a high position

Q: What is the height of the stool?

A: Approximately 6 to 7 inches from each step with the two-step design

GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Foldable Potty-Trainer Seat

The  GOCART WITH G LOGO Baby Foldable Potty-Trainer Seat is yet another toilet squat stool with a unique design. The foldable toilet squat is specifically designed, keeping the kids in mind. It should be an excellent choice for training kids and toddlers in potty training. The brand has been known for trolley bags, beauty chair, step stools, and other utilities, and the experience shows up in the functioning of this squat stool as well.

The stool comes in different colour options making it one of the much-preferred options. It is made of ABS plastic, offering you a high degree of sturdiness and durability. The stool is extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The availability in multiple colours would make help the kids make a well-informed choice. The folding design is one of the unique options that save space.

Foldable Potty-Trainer Seat

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The soft pads on the legs of the squat stool help prevent the kids from falling. The anti-skid design should be a great option in the bathroom. The high-quality PP material can be an excellent choice for durability and can bear up to 75 Kgs of weight.

Pros and Cons of GOCART Potty Trainer Seat


  • Helpful in eliminating the stools naturally
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity


  • No warranty
GOCART Potty Trainer Seat FAQs

Q: Can it be used on a square toilet?

A: No, it cannot bee used on a square toilet

Q: What is the upper age limit to use it?

A: It can be used for kids of age up to 4 years.

Does the Squatty Potty really make pooping better?

The researchers have studied over 1000 different bowel movements and concluded that Squatty Potty helps you strain less and thus clear your bowels faster. The studies have also proved that it has improved the bowel movements in 71 percent of the cases.

The squatty potty can be helpful in creating an optimal angle for sitting on the toilet. The way we sit on the toilet can restrict the bowel movements, making it harder to make your bowels clear. Squatty Potty can be an excellent option for helping properly opening the rectal canal.

A few factors in favour of the Squatty Potty for better pooping include:

Optimal Angle for Right Pooping
Squatting would create an angle that would put less strain on the rectum and thus offer a better bowel movement. Squatty Potty will increase the angle to around 100 to 120 degrees. You need to increase the angle to open the rectum.

Humans are Designed to Squat
Human anatomy is designed to squat, and not sit. Squat toilets have long been found to be more efficient and comfortable.
Helps to Reduce Strain
Squatting reduces the strain when compared to sitting.

Is Squatting Actually a Better way for us to Defecate?

Humans have been designed to defecate while squatting. Studies have proved over the years that squatting has been one of the most common and sure-shot methods to defecate They would be able to strain less and clear their bowels more comfortably if they squat. Squatting has also been an excellent option to avoid haemorrhoids, which are a result of straining. Since squatting reduces the strain, it can indeed be a better way to defecate.

Sitting on a toilet while pooping can exert a huge pressure and thus can cause issues such as haemorrhoids, hernias, and diverticulitis. The bend between the rectum and anus can help you keep the poop inside and avoiding releasing it involuntarily. Squatting enables you to reduce the angle and thus help you poop rather comfortably.

What is the Proper Position for Pooping?

Studies have shown that squatting for pooping has been the best option.  The perfect position for pooping would be to sit with your knees at a higher position than your hips. You can use a flat stool or other flat objects for the purpose. Leaning forward in this position and keeping your elbows on your knees in this position can be an excellent posture to have a better pooping comfortability.

Pooping Positions
Image courtesy – Squatty Pott

The above image shows three different forms of pooping:

  1. Sitting
  2. Sitting with raised feet with the help of a squat stool
  3. Squatting with the hips flexing at around 22 degrees with respect to your body.

The third position marked C has been considered to be an excellent option for comfortable and complete pooping.

There are the following benefits associated with the proper squatting when it comes to facing no issues with your proper pooping:

  • If you are squatting, most of the task is handled by gravity, and you do not need to worry about having to exert much pressure and strain. The torso would press against the thighs and thus compresses the colon – or the large intestine. This would supplement the force of gravity and thus and help you poop properly.
  • The squatting posture would help reduce the anorectal angle. The anorectal angle is the angle that we just discussed – the angle between anus and rectum. It would also relax the puborectalis muscle easing and aiding in this reduction in the angle.
  • The colon has an inlet valve referred to as the ileocecal valve, and the outlet vale called the puborectalis muscle. Squatting closes the inlet valve and opens the outlet valve. On the other hand, a sitting position does not activate either of these valves and thus makes the elimination of the waste much easier and smoother.

How to Keep your Legs from Going Numb While Pooping?

Feet can go numb when pooping because of a constant stature for a prolonged period of time. You can keep your legs from going numb by using air doughnuts. The air doughnuts are the inflatable devices that would provide a cushioning effect to your butt. This would further normalise the blood flow to your feet and help you keep your legs from numbing.

Why do the legs numb when pooping? When you sit or squat to poop, a lot of pressure is raised to your pelvic region. The spinal column pressure is considerably elevated, and the discs in your spine move against the nerves causing numbness or weakness that may run up to your legs. Sitting for a longer time in the same position can cause the nerves and blood vessels to be compressed and thus produce a numbness sensation.

Why does it happen when pooping? That may have several reasons apart from the fact that explained above. The position you have used for pooping may not be ideal as such. You may be bending your legs or upper or lower part of your body in an awkward position.

How to keep your legs from going numb when pooping? There are a few options you can opt for:

Change Your Position
If you have been facing the issue regularly, you may need to change your position. Like you would change position to avoid falling asleep, change your position in this case.
Finish Quicker
Complete your business of pooping right away and get out of the bathroom quicker. The best way would be to finish pooping within minutes. If you cannot, just get up and exit. You can try pooping later.
Avoid Distraction
There are cases where you may be spending time while pooping on some “non-productive” tasks. A few good examples can be reading a newspaper, smoking, or even using a smartphone. Avoid them and concentrate on the business at hand or the bum!

Is Sitting on the Toilet for a Long Time Harmful?

Spending too much time inside the toilet or on the toilet seat can make your rectum develop pressure. Even your anus is likely to develop a high pressure unnecessarily. This can further cause issues such as pain, itching, and other types of unpleasant effects.

A toilet is meant to be used only for pooping and not for anything else. When you sit for a long time on the toilet seat, which is cut out, you will find that your rectum is below your body’s rest. Thus, because of gravity, the blood will flow to flow down and can cause clots in the veins. This can further cause issues such as haemorrhoids.

How long is too long on the potty? An average bowel movement takes around 12 seconds. Ideally, the maximum time you would need to spend on the toilet would be 10 minutes. In fact, it would be advisable to hit the bathroom, or toilet only when the urge hits, then making it a habit to visit the toilet as part of a schedule.

Which are Favorable Positions for Peeing & Pooping?

The best position for pooping is to keep your knees higher than your hips. You should lean forward in this position and make sure your elbows are on your knees. You should then straighten your spine and slightly bend forward. You can do this by either using a squat stool that helps you raise your knees above the hip level or directly squat on the toilet seat. Directly squatting on the seat has the risk of falling off or getting unbalanced.

When it comes to peeing, you would need to understand that humans have been designed to pee sitting down than standing as we tend to do it in modern times. Scientists are of the opinion that peeing sitting down can help you achieve the best favourable urodynamic profile. This posture can be quite helpful in avoiding prostate problems.

Closing Thoughts on Best Toilet Squat Stools in India

Well, pooping and squatting have a close relation, and the availability of a huge number of squat stools should stand proof of how effective and efficient that would be. Things have changed to a considerable extent over the years, and we have graduated from Indian toilets to the western ones.

However, the western toilets have made us move away from the traditional squatting that has been considered quite natural to us. We would assume the top picks for the best squat stools would help you achieve a better standard in achieving the best pooping comfort at its best. They can indeed be a great option to help you stay safe from complications such as constipation, indigestion, and piles.

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