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Indian cooking is very versatile, and to cook delicious food, you would need food processors, mixer grinders etc… A Tawa or a frying pan is another essential option if you are into Indian cooking. In fact, chapati or roti is a staple diet in most of the Indian homes irrespective of the geological differences. A tawa can be a perfect option for all your needs in cooking chapati, roti or even parathas. With that perspective, we thought of giving a thought to finding the best Chapati Tawa in India that you can find.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Chapati Tawa

Before we can move ahead and find a few best chapati tawa in India, let us check out a few key features you should be looking ahead for in your tawa. These can help you get the most out of your purchase.

1. Tawa Diameter 2. Material 3. Non Stick or Not? 4. Handle 5. Weight

Tawas come in multiple sizes. The ideal sizes range from 8 inches to 16 inches. It would depend upon the size of the chapati that you or your family members prefer.

If you are into cooking different types of Indian cuisine, it may be practical to go with a tawa that has a diameter of around 12 inches ~24cm.

The material that the tawa is made of should also be important enough. The Tawas normally come with aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, and cast iron. An aluminium tawa should be an excellent option, thanks to its high heat conduction functionality and lightweight.

The anodised aluminium can be an excellent option as it tends to be non-corrosive and retains the taste of the food.

The cast iron tawa is the best option for retaining heat. They can also double up as an exceptional option for a natural non-stick functionality.

That can be a good consideration you would want to give a thought to.

While the non-stick tawas had been widely used in recent past, the health-conscious Indian housewives have now been moving away from the chemical effects of the coating material used for making them non stick.

If you are opting for a non-stick tawa, take care you are choosing the one with least chemical effects.

Often neglected feature, the handle material and ease of use should also be an important point you would want to give a thought to. It would be advisable to opt for something that is comfortable for your needs.

Yet another point you need to give a thought when opting for a proper handle would be to check if you have stronger enough hands to handle them.

Weight may be one of the features you would want to give a thought because being able to port it from one place to another would be quite important and an essential pointer to arrive at the best results.

The tawa that can be handled with one hand should be preferred.

5 Best Chapati Tawa in India

Having gone through those special features and factors you should look for in your Chapati tawa, here are a few excellent options you can check out. Not that the list would be exclusive in any way, but we will make an attempt at making you go for a beginning and decide a few salient options and then finalise your favourite option after analysing each of them.

Futura Hard Anodised Concave – Best Tawa for Chapati

The tawa is made of hard anodised aluminium and provides you access to one of the excellent options for trouble-free cooking. The 26 cm size of the tawa should provide you with the optimum size for your chapatis and rotis. Compatible with both gas stove and electric cooktop, the tawa ensures an effective heat dissipation.

Ease of cleaning is yet another added advantage. Just use some detergent to clean the tawa without any issues and not damaging your precious tawa as in the case of non-stick coating. You can even use metal ladles on the tawa, and you would not face any sort of degradation of the coating.

best tawa for chapati

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The non-staining and non-toxic features would make it safe for your entire family. The tawa comes with a whopping five years warranty and that in itself should speak of the high value of workmanship involved in the manufacturing of the tawa.

Pros and Cons of Futura Hard Anodised Concave Tawa Griddle


  • Completely scratch proof.
  • High-end longevity and durability.
  • The handle can be used with bare hands.


  • May take a while to reach the optimum temperature.
Futura Hard Anodised Concave Tawa Griddle FAQs

Q: Can I use it with induction cooktop?

A: No, it can be used on gas stoves and electric hot plate.

Q: Can I prepare chapati without oil?

A: yes, you can.

Siva Naturals Traditional Dosa Kallu

A perfect choice for the cast iron tawa, it can be used for Chapati as well even when it says Dosa tawa. The tawa comes with a diameter of 10 inches. The tawa is completely traditional and comes with no amount of non-stick coating of any sort. The tawa is manufactured by traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu.

The tawa is pre-treated with heat and oil. You may need to do the seasoning before beginning to use it for your day to day cooking. The tawa will indeed add value to your kitchen décor, especially if you are someone who prefers an artistic look to your kitchen. You can be assured of an extreme level of cooking with practically less oil.

best roti tawa

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Completely rust proof and does not come with any sort of issues like coating coming off. It is the best option than the Tawas with non-stick coating. You can prepare any of your favourite Indian cuisines like dosas, chapatis, rotis and parathas.

Pros and Cons of Siva Naturals


  • Quite easy to season and clean.
  • Works both on Induction cooktops and gas stoves.
  • Lets you have enough iron in your food through the tawa.


  • It may be quite heavy to handle.
  • Does not come with a proper handle.
Siva Naturals FAQs

Q: Is the tawa completely flat?

A: Yes, it is entirely flat.

Q: What is the thickness of the tawa?

A: Around 5 to 8 mm.

Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware – Best Induction Tawa for Roti

If you are looking for a chapati or roti tawa for use on an Induction cooktop, the Prestige offering should be an excellent option for you. The tawa once again, is made of hard anodised aluminium and provides you with an excellent heat transfer rate. The wider base of the tawa will provide access to enhanced heat dissipation.

The perma cool handles work efficiently enough to keep them cool enough and touch them with bare hands. It can be used both on induction cooktops and gas stoves. The thick body provides you with perfect durable construction. The tawa is completely metal ladle friendly. The improved coating takes care of proper handling.

best tawa for paratha

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The surface is non-toxic and provides you with complete protection against harmful effects of non-stick material. The tawa comes with non-staining features and should be a good option for your needs in a proper cleanability.

Pros and Cons of Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware


  • Special cool to touch feature.
  • Well built construction.
  • A wider base will provide more cooking area.


  • It comes with a single coating.
Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware FAQs

Q: What is the thickness of the product?

A: It is 3.2 mm.

Q: Can we make dosa on it?

A: No. It isn’t non-stick tawa.

Wonderchef Reva Aluminium Tawa

The dosa tawa is stylish enough and can be used as a perfect option for your chapatis as well. The coating is health friendly enough and uses professional grade C3 non-stick coating from Greblon. The tawa can be used on both induction and non-induction type cooktops.

It is made of pure quality aluminium and provides you access to better heat conductivity. In fact, it has been considered to be 9 times better in terms of heat dissipation.

best tawa for paratha

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The inner coating is tougher enough and provides you access to enhanced abrasion resistance. The soft touch features and firm grip handle are the other two features that make it a formidable choice.

Pros and Cons of Wonderchef Reva Aluminium Tawa


  • Induction cooktop friendly construction.
  • The large sized option makes it a good one to cook a variety of Indian bread.
  • Amazing two-year warranty.


  • The coating may not be the best ever.
Wonderchef Reva Aluminium Tawa FAQs

Q: What is the material used in the tawa?

A: Aluminium.

Q: Is it completely flat?

A: Yes, it is completely flat.

Tosaa Non-Stick 4mm Multi Tawa – Best Tawa for Paratha & Chapati

As the name itself should be indicative, the tawa comes with the capability for almost Indian varieties of flatbreads. The 4 mm thickness would make it one of the thinnest tawa options you would ever find. It provides you access to complete and uniform heat dissipation.

best tawa for chapati

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The tawa is PFOA free and ensures that you have access to chemical-free cooking. The heavy gauge aluminium construction is what we would find an impressive option. The handle is made of Bakelite and offers a heat resistant and sturdy handle.

Pros and Cons of Tosaa Non-Stick 4mm Multi Tawa


  • High-end durability.
  • High-quality material construction.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No major cons.
Tosaa Non-Stick 4mm Multi Tawa FAQs

Q: It can be used for cooking paratha?

A: It can cook a wide range of Indian cuisine.

Q: Can it work with Induction cooktop?

A: No. It cannot.

Difference between Roti and Chapati

Most of us tend to consider both Chapati and Roti to be the same. However, the two are completely different. In fact, Chapati is a form of roti. Though they are used interchangeably most of the times, there is an intrinsic difference between the two.

We thought we will compare them in a tabular manner for an easier understanding.

Description Chapati Roti
Type Type of Roti Type of an Indian flatbread
Composition of the batter Whole wheat flour Varies. Can be a mixture of whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, corn flour
Thickness Thinner than a roti Thicker

Difference between Chapati and Tortilla

The Indian Chapati looks much similar to the Mexican flatbread Tortilla. There is a subtle difference between the two.

The Tortilla is made of several ingredients combined into one, while Chapati is made of whole wheat flour and nothing else. Tortilla, on the other hand, may have different combinations of refined flour, maize and even corn flour. Apart from that, the huge difference between Tortilla and Chapati would be the use of vegetable or animal fat used in the preparation of Tortilla. A Tortilla can be slightly fluffy and uses baking soda to improve the fluffiness. It also tends to be a little crunchier. Chapati does not come with any such fluffiness or crunchiness.

In Conclusion for Best Chapati Pan

Those were a few best Chapati Tawa options you may check out in India. We have made an attempt at listing out a few top end chapati tawas that you can choose. We have intentionally opted for a variety of Tawas that cater to a wide range of cooking options like cast iron tawas, aluminium tawas and hard anodised options while compiling this list. Most of us do not like opting for the non-stick coating that is hazardous to health, and we have taken that into consideration while picking our options here.

Check them out and share your thoughts with us. You may also share your favourite options that we may have missed here in this compilation.

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  1. Those were a few best chapati paratha tawas you can find in India and perhaps the best options for preparing those fluffy chapatis and rotis. While the non-stick tawas have widely been used in most circumstances, the recent trend has been moving towards a naturally non-stick option because of the increased attention to the health effects of the nonstick cookware and their chemical composition.

  2. That was an excellent post and helped me end my fights with my wife. I had always been blaming my wife for not making fluffy rotis and chapatis. Found out that the real culprit was the tawa. The article let me understand how to pick the best tawa and I now really relish the fluffy rotis and chapatis.
    That is indeed one of the wonderful articles and a good choice of tawas as well.

  3. That was indeed a nice post and perhaps an excellent option for arriving at the best experience in picking the right Tawa for all my needs. However, I am stuck with a query. Which Tawa would you want me to prefer among Hard anodised and Granite Tawas? I have been witnessing varying opinions in this context and have become confused. Please guide me choose the right one.

    1. If you want us to be frank with our preferences, a cast iron tawa would be an exceptional choice. They provide a long lasting performance and efficiency. However, since you are comparing hard anodised and granite, our vote would definitely go to hard anodised one.

  4. Dosas have become a universal dish and have not remained constrained to the Southern Indian states. The popularity of the dishes and of course, the parathas and Nans of the North – choosing a tawa was indeed a huge task in almost every respect. I was searching for the best tips on choosing the right Chapati tawas and stumbled on this article.
    It saved my day… and of course, my marriage!

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