best sewing machine under INR 1,000

Best Portable Sewing Machine in India Under INR 1000 & INR 3,000

Are you someone who is interested in stitching your clothes at home and performing a host of other stitching activities? You would definitely prefer a sewing machine. However, they do not come with any lighter price tag; some of the best selling sewing machine in India would cost you around INR 5,000-8,000. This can make them a little difficult to reach everyone’s affordable standards. But, you don’t need to worry – there are a few sewing machine options that can be quite affordable enough and handle most of the basic sewing tasks with ease.

We will have a look a the best sewing machines under INR 3,000; but before that, let is us check out some of the features that need to be considered before buying sewing machines.

Sewing Machines – The Buying Guide

Like with any of the products you would want to buy, you need to go through a few specific requirements before you can actually finalise a product for your needs. Of course, for the sake of the range of products, you may need to limit the functionality to a more general one than the professional level of machines.

1. Purpose 2. Price & Warranty 3. Type of Machine 4. Additional Features 5. Others

The choice of your sewing machines will be dependent upon the exact needs you may have. Choose the machine with the exact features you would want to use. If you are a newbie, it may be enough to go with the basic functionality. Choose the option that works with all the tasks you want to work with.

For the price, once again you will need to check the options that stay in tune with your budget. No need to go overboard if you are not using many of the features that command a higher price. As for the warranty, since we are focussed on the smaller machines – we do not think you will have a good warranty option. Just make sure that you are getting the best features for the price you are paying.

There are several different types of sewing machines, and they are available in multiple functions and features. The most widely used machines come under electrical and mechanical sewing machines. Since we are interested in finding the sewing machines under Rs. 3000, we need to be focused on mechanical machines. These will need you to focus on manual controls. Please note that these machines may not come with high-end features.

The functionality of the machine will be dependent upon the price and if you are looking for the price range of Rs. 3000, you may not be able to find high-end features at the price range. Check out the options available on your machine for enhanced performance. Of course, we are not looking for options like automatic buttonholer, task lighting and similar other features.

Finally, if you are looking for some specific options, then you may prefer to have a look at the Hook Types, or some specific features like embroidery, reverse sewing etc… which can be carried by your sewing machine.

Best 5 Sewing Machines For Home Use Under INR 3,000 in India

With the focus on the affordable pricing and a limited number of basic features, here are a few great options you can check out if you are searching for the sewing machines in India under Rs. 3000.

MESCADA Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 – Best Sewing Machine Under INR 1,000

The machine comes with almost all the functionalities offered by high-end machines. It may be a little less efficient for the commercial requirements, but you would find it working efficiently with your home based needs.

It offers you a 4 in 1 functionality and meets most of the needs you may have in terms of your day to day stitching requirements. The sewing machine comes with four Metal Bobbins, one Foot Pedal, one Needle, and one Needle Threader.

best sewing machine under INR 1,000

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The machine does offer a chain locking stitch, and thus the stitches done with the machine would not come off easily. It also comes with a foot pedal if you are interested in working with the machine through a foot pedal.

Pros and Cons of MESCADA Sewing Machine


  • It works good enough with all your regular stitching needs.
  • The machine offers you access to two-speed controls and double stitching functionality.


  • Will not work with thick fabrics like denims and velvets.
MESCADA Sewing Machine FAQs

Q: How many built-in stitches does the machine come with?

A: There aren’t any.

Q: Can we make Pico on it?

A: No.

Regrid Rgd-120 Portable & Compact Electric Sewing Machine

The electric sewing machine and an affordable one at that. This machine will handle almost all the tasks you would want to focus on. It comes with an adjustable stitch functionality and offers you almost all stitching activities that you may be using on mainstream sewing machines.

The machine can either run on a DC electric supply or four AA-size batteries. The machine should meet most of the sewing needs like mending, hemstitching and other basic sewing needs. The chain lock stitching ensures that it does not come off.

best portable sewing machine

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If you are not comfortable with the foot pedal option, you can opt for the auto swing functionality. You can even configure the swing to high or low.

Pros and Cons of Regrid Rgd-120


  • The notched base lets you sew narrow openings like sleeves.
  • It comes with a light bulb for night visibility or working in the dark.
  • Practically useful for all sewing needs.


  • We could not find any major cons.
Regrid Rgd-120 FAQs

Q: Can it work on all fabrics?

A: The machine will not work with rough fabrics like rugs or velvets.

Q: Does it come with any warranty?

A: The product does not come with any sort of warranty.

Luhi Mini – Best Sewing Machine Under INR 3,000

The Luhi Mini Multifunction Household Sewing Machine one of the prominent options for the multifunctional requirements. It is available in the mini size and offers you a portable functionality. It is one of the affordable options that packs in the features only found in the high-end sewing machines.

The access to 12 different stitch patterns and automatic thread rewind are a couple of features which make this sewing machine as one of the best sewing machine under 3,000.

best sewing machine under 3,000

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Extremely portable, the machine can be carried anywhere you want to. What’s more, it works either on a DC 6V power supply or through four AA batteries. The machine is accompanied with the built-in carry handle, all-purpose foot presser tool, multifunction sewing attachment and four stop buttonholer.

Pros and Cons of Luhi Mini Multifunction


  • It comes with advanced features not seen at this price point.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Two-speed functionality.


  • It may not work well with thick fabrics like velvet and types of denim.
Luhi Mini Multifunction FAQs

Q: Can it be used for Pico?

A: Yes, it works with pico.

Q: Is it delicate? 

A: No – it should work efficiently with a little rough handling.

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Ami® Mini Hand – Best Portable Sewing Machine in India

This is one of the solid options for a basic sewing experience and should meet most of your day to day sewing needs. The machine comes under the stapler styled sewing machine options.

The machine does not offer you high-end functions of any nature, but if your stitching proficiency is limited to fixing up the hems or darning activities.

best portable sewing machine in india

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The machine can be a good option for ideally smaller sewing tasks and emergency repairs. If you know how to use a stapler, using this sewing machine should be one of the simplest options to opt for.

Pros and Cons of Ami Mini Hand Sewing Machine


  • Easy stitching functions that you can indulge in while watching TV or while sitting idly.
  • Simplified stitching functionality.
  • Highly portable.


  • You may need to learn how to use the machine.
Ami Mini Hand Sewing Machine FAQs

Q: How to learn to stitch?

A: You have the instructions available on the package. You can check YouTube for clear instructions.

Q: Does it have a buttonholer?

A: No. it doesn’t have advanced features.

Right Choice Yuta Advance Magic Portable Mini

The portable sewing machine is equivalent to the Mescada sewing machine we just discussed. The machine offers you complete straight stitching and reverse sewing features. It should be one of the prime options for working with most of the basic functionalities like mending, hemming and basic sewing.

The small and portable functionality is what would make it a great choice worth the attempt – at an affordable price tag.

Affordable Sewing Machine in India

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You can either go with the foot pedal option or auto swing functionality to get your tasks done. The sewing machine stitches in a chain locking stitch. As a regular person involved in stitching, you would be aware that it is one of the durable stitches. It works on either AC or DC power or even four AA batteries.

Pros and Cons of Right Choice Yuta


  • The compact and portable design makes it a great option.
  • The work light ensures comfortable sewing even in low light situations.
  • The 4 in 1 design makes it comfortable to use and store.


  • It does offer only two-speed options.
  • It may not work with heavy fabrics.
Right Choice Yuta FAQs

Q: Can it stitch full dresses?

A: Yes, it can stitch almost every kind of fabric

Q: Can it work with pico?

A: Yes, it does work with Pico.

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Based on how they work, the sewing machines are ideally classified along the following lines:

1. Mechanical Sewing Machines 2. Electronic Sewing Machine 3. Computerized Sewing Machine 4. Embroidery Machines

These machines work in a manual way. These have been considered to be the most basic form of sewing machines. Of course, they come with a few lesser features and functionalities when compared to the higher range of the machines.

They offer you greater durability and thus can be a good option to work with. They will need a higher manual force or physical work on your end. Most of the parts are made of metal, and that is exactly what makes the sewing machine quite heavy. The mechanical or manual machines can be best suited for almost all types of materials.

The electronic sewing machines work with a single motor. It also comes with an electronic foot pedal. You should be able to handle the fabric with both your hands.

The machine can support multiple stitches and stitch lengths. Some models come with automatic tension setting, thread cutter and automatic button hole stitches. In fact, the electronic sewing machines do come with a few best features you would not find on the manual machines. It can also support a wide range of stitch patterns.

These machines are specifically meant for advanced users. They come with a larger screen and no buttons or knobs. It can even remember a few of the tasks completed before and take it from there.

In fact, they have a vast number of functions. You can even configure advanced setting s to use with the machines. It can be an excellent option for your embroidery needs you may have. The computerised machines also come with USB ports. This can be helpful in creating your own designs on your computer and transferring them onto your machine.

As the name itself should be indicative, the machines are specifically designed for embroidery stitching. While embroidery can be possible with the normal zig-zag machine, using a computerised Embroidery machine can be helpful in achieving the best possible results and designs. These machines come with high-end features like a touch screen, a USB interface, an auto threading, and built-in design software options.

Apart from these specific machines, there are several other sewing options available in the form of button hole machines, double needle sewing machines, and overedging machines, to name just a few.

In Conclusion – The Best Sewing Machines

Those were the top five sewing machines you can check out in the sub 3000 price bracket. Of course, the machines may not be capable of high-end sewing tasks, but most of the household sewing requirements should easily be handled with these sewing machines.

Check out the options featured here and share your views with us. You may also share information on any of the other good options you may have come across.

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