best scary vr games for iphone

Best 5 Scary VR (Virtual Reality) Games for iPhone & Android

Horror or scary games are best enjoyed on VR. In fact, the possibility of getting close enough to the gaming scenes can be a rewarding experience, and if the game is scary enough or is the one belonging to the horror genre, it would work to be an added experience. How about checking out a few spooky scenes for an outstanding horror games experience on your VR? But before that, have you purchased a good VR headset, if not, then do check out our buying guide for VR headset.

Top 10 Best Horror/ Scary Games for iPhone & Android

VR and horror are possibly something non-separable. In fact, it indeed a great experience to taste them together. We thought of putting together top 10 VR games focussed on a horror theme for the gamers around. Enjoyment coupled with spookiness can be an excellent combination, isn’t it?

best scary vr games for iphone

5 Best Horror / Scary VR Games for Android

To begin with, we will discuss the horror and scary games available on Android. We will include even those games launched a couple of years ago, but still reigning superior. VR is focussed on the specialized VR headsets and devices, but for the sake of this post, we will be focussing on the simpler options like Google Cardboard.

House of Terror – Best Horror VR Game for Android

House of Terror is perhaps one of the most horrifying VR games. With a subtitle that reads Valerie’s Revenge (which is a pun on VR), it expects you to solve the puzzles through a journey inside an abandoned house which is filled with ghouls, traps and what not.

Find the clues and a route to escape from the haunted house before the monsters find you and kill you! The game offers you several sequences where you would find yourself jumping in scare. Use headphones for the best ever effect with the one of the best scary games available on Android.

The game can be played with your Google cardboard, any VR glass with headsets and Bluetooth Joystick or a Lakento two button system.

Alone VR Terror – Best Scary VR Game for Android

Alone VR Terror is yet another scary game on Android that aims at scaring the shit out of you.  You are alone at home watching TV. And suddenly all hell breaks loose. Something paranormal begins to happen around you, and you need to find what is happening. There are a few unseen presences, moving objects and flickering lights.

One of the best parts with this game is you do not need to move around as in the other VR games. Of course, you may find the VR effects appear to be from those initial days. However, when you consider the VVR mechanics, the game lives up to the expectations to a greater level.

The surroundings in the game are not much realistic, but the scenes, chills and goose bumps should be the best to go with. The designs, scenes and the plot are scariest enough. We would definitely consider it one of the excellent games in the VR horror genre.

Goosebumps Nights of Scare

Goosebumps Night of Scares is an excellent choice if you have been following the ghosts and devils from your TV serials intently. You can witness them in reality with the game.

The bestselling horror series, Goosebumps comes to life. Witness a host of characters like Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes, werewolves, and many more of them. Those creepy characters keep following you, and unless you find yourself a hiding place and solve the puzzles to get out, there is no respite for you.

The game is compatible with Google cardboard and a host of other compatible devices. In case you are a fan of the Goosebumps series, this is the perfect game for you.

Sisters – Yet Another Scary VR Game

Sisters is a powerful ghost story based on the mobile phones. It is an excellent scary game you can play with your VR headsets. Unfold the terror around you in a horrifying experience. Use VR and headphones for an exciting experience.

The story revolves around the twin sisters whose fate you are not aware of. Your task in the game is to find what happened to them. Nobody is aware of what they went through. So, enter the creaky old house and try to find the truth. But, beware… there is “something” that doesn’t want your presence there.

Using the VR head tracking mechanism coupled with directional audio will make you believe that you are in the room physically. The 360 degree environment that is painted in a spooky experience that will take you places. Of course, you are not allowed to walk around to play this game, but need to play sitting on the couch.

Sinister Edge – Best Virtual Reality Game for Android

Sinister Edge is one more scary game based on VR that lets you immerse yourself in a hair raising terror. The game is an excellent option for taking you to the edge in terms of horror, despair, and terror!

The game has its history back in the day with horror games thrived on excellent 3D graphics. Sinister Edge comes with a host of challenging puzzles and scary locations to proceed. The game is in sharp contrast to the other games you have been working with so far. The game comes with simple control options to explore the locations and solve the puzzles that the game throws at you.


The game has everything going in its favour right from the beginning. The music, graphics, scary mood – everything is perfect, and the game is indeed a real value for money. It has won the editors’ choice awards from Google Play Store for 2017 and 2018 and that in itself should stand a proof to the abilities that the tool comes with.

And yes, the game can be played even without the VR headsets if you so wish.

How to Play VR Games on Android or iPhone?

Of course, there are several options you have at your disposal if you want to use a VR game on your Android or iOS device. Ideally, you need to have access to a good vr headset for your needs. Though there are several high end options as well.

Most of the smartphones that have come up recently are found to be efficient in supporting Google cardboard. Make sure you have smartphone with Android version 4.1 or above. However, a good VR experience would be possible with a minimum resolution of 1080 and a screen size of at least 5 inches.

Next on, buy a Google Cardboard. Or better still, you can create your own cardboard with the instructions available from Google.

If you are looking to create a Google cardboard of your own, you can head on to the official app from Google for instructions. You can choose cardboard of your choice from including the ones developed by Google or the third parties. In fact, they do not cost you a huge amount. You can buy them for less than $10.

In case you are looking to make your own Google Cardboard, the best option would be referring to a trusted video. One such good option can be like the one listed here

Once you have bought or created your own Google Cardboard, go to your app store and download the Google Cardboard app. The app will help you configure your Google cardboard to suit your exact head size and other physical parameters. You can also find a few good VR apps and games through the Google cardboard app to make a beginning into the Virtual reality games and apps. Of course, you can also find the apps from any other sources as well.

5 Best Horror / Scary VR Games for iPhone

After examining the best .. err… scariest VR games for Android, how can we stay away from another equally capable platform iOS? Let us check out a few top horror/scary games on iOS.

Do note that a few games indicated above for Android are also available on iOS. We will not discuss the same game here but focus on a few other new games. Choose the games depending on your preferences and enjoy them to the core.

VR Horror – Best VR Games for iPhone X

VR Horror is one of the scary and suspense game and makes you get transported straight into a hospital. Searching for the demon, you move through the rooms and corridors of the abandoned hospital.

The game is indeed quite horrifying and may not be the right choice for those faint-hearted guys out there. You will, of course, need to have a VR headset for playing the game in its full glory. What makes the game an interesting choice is it is easy to learn and play. Filled with unexpected scenes and functions, it is indeed an excellent choice for all you horror lovers out there.

It uses the horrifying world beyond most of the levels most of the horror movies will go to. Of course, the VR functionality is what would bring in the immersive effect into the game making it an excellent option in its own right. The graphics are good enough and using noise cancelling headphones can bring in an added advantage.

Zombie Shooter VR – Best Scary VR Game for iPhone

Zombie Shooter VR is all about the post-apocalyptic world. It is all about gore, and bloodthirsty zombies. You need to choose your weapon with a focus on the exploring and attacking the zombies.

Attack the zombies on their face – and win your duels. Zombie Shooter is all about showing off your skills at attacking and eliminating them right away. Remember, this is not a game where you will employ auto shooting options. You need to be literally on your feet, because you are not watching the game unfold, watching it on the TV, but YOU are a part of the scenes and INSIDE the game! That is both an exciting and scary thought at the same time.

Move through the spookiest of the terrains – tunnels, subways and cars and whatnot. It can be a perfect combination of first-person shooter game combined with a VR based spooky horror game – all at the same time. That should indeed be an exciting and immensely satisfying game ever.

Romans From Mars 360 – Best Virtual Reality Game for iPhone

Romans from Mars 360 has been one of the popular games in its non VR version. Experience the same level of gaming and excitement on your VR headsets and iPhone. Instead of fighting against the Martians as the third party player, be a part of the gameplay by inserting yourself into the game.

The gameplay is controlled with the Gear VR or even a simple Google Cardboard. Launched especially for the Gear VR, it impresses with its wide array of enemies, weapon upgrades and elemental powers.

The gameplay does not exactly provide a complete 360-degree experience, but still, there are a few elements that make it an interesting option in most of the aspects. If you have already played the non VR version of the game, you will love the experience of getting up and close with the invading Martians. And yes, the game is completely free!

Of course, the game is not at par with the other scary VR games out there, but still, we love the intensity of gameplay that lets you use hands free motion for controlling arrows or other movements.

In Cell VR – VR Horror Game iPhone

In Cell VR is an excellent option to extend your VR gaming experience. It is indeed a dizzying experience to be inside a human body and fight the cell destruction.  Go for a ride inside the human body to eliminate all the viruses within.

A perfect combination of racing and strategy game for all your needs in the best of the VR experiences. And there is a little biology thrown in for a better experience. The game arena takes place inside an unusual microworld.

The game arena is made of a carefully crafted human cell. In fact, the game has been designed to work with the VR, but you should be able to play it even without the VR appliances. In fact, it is not a game that uses pieces of VR experiences together but provides you with an all-round experience with a carefully crafted performance in terms of VR gaming. A game that is highly entertaining, it can be an exciting option for making inroads into your VR experiences.

End Space – Yet Another Virtual Reality Game for iPhone

End Space is not exactly a horror or scary movie, but you will definitely fall in love with the unquestionable VR experience that you would experience with the game. It is an arcade space fighter game in every respect, but the VR functionality will make it a great choice in most aspects.

It features the 3D positional audio and AAA graphics that makes it an exciting option for all your needs in Virtual reality. It offers you an immersive and compelling experience in terms of Virtual reality. You will indeed like the fully optimized VR functionality.

You have three different VR environments to work and play with. The game has a never-ending gameplay that will keep getting more riveting with each level through the harder waves of enemies. Of course, you can choose to disable the VR mode through the settings. But you need to experience the game with VR and headphones for the best ever experience with the game and its functionality.

In Conclusion – Best VR Games for iPhone & Android

Well, Virtual Reality or VR has been one of the exciting technological advancements. There are several appealing games available for different platforms of VR like Gear VR, PlayStation, and Steam. The spooky or horror genre should be an ideal option for enjoying the best performance in terms of Virtual reality. However, when it comes to Android and iOS platforms and smartphones – the choices are rather limited.

We assume we have been able to bring in the best out of the genre and have listed the best options for enjoying the VR experience on your phone – whether you are using an iOS or an Android device. If you have played any of them, do share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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