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Best 5 Rucksacks in India for Trekkers – Ultimate Buying Guide

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If you have always had issues with the right bag to use whenever you are planning a trip or a hike, you may consider replacing your bag with one of the best rucksacks that are durable, classic, and efficient.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Rucksack in India

1. Space 2. Durability 3. Design 4. Features 5. Price & Warranty

You should consider if a rucksack has sufficient space to accommodate all the stuff you want to take along on your trip. Usually the following metrics are considered:

  • Backpack upto 35L – ideal day packs for both hiking and travel.
  • Backpacks between 35L–50L – ideal for overnight hikes, lightweight hikers and travellers.
  • Backpacks bigger than 50L – ideal for longer multi day hikes and long-term travel.

The bigger you buy, the more you will pack. However remember that, bigger isn’t always better!

A rucksack that can’t be there for you when you need it most is of no use. Consider the durability when choosing a rucksack and go for one that won’t budge throughout the journey.

Nylon and Polyster are considered to be the most trusted fabric for being more durable.

The design should be attractive and support the overall efficiency of the rucksack. A badly-designed rucksack that lacks some of the awesome features outlined below won’t meet your basic needs while on the go.

Make sure the design of your rucksack is such that the weight should be distributed on your hips than on your shoulders.

Also you might want to buy a rucksack with multiple pockets and which have easy access to your storage.

There are some features that will make a rucksack great and ideal for your needs. While buying a rucksack, you might want to consider few of the below features in your rucksack:

  • Rain cover / Water resistant material
  • Padded hip belt
  • Chest Straps
  • External Clips / Hooks
  • Lockable zippers

Pay attention to the price and warranty as well. The price and warranty should commensurate with whatever feature the rucksack has to offer.

Top 5 Rucksacks in India

POLE STAR ” ROCKY ” 60 Lt Royal Rucksack – Best Rucksack in India

Hiking can be fun with the right rucksack. The Pole Star Royal Rucksack which is made out of premium polyster fabric possesses all the attributes of a great rucksack that will make it serve its purpose and add the needed spark to your trip.

The multipurpose and roomy rucksack has and breathable and adjustable padded shoulder pad for easy carriage and is specifically designed to offer you comfort and ease of use during your journey.

Best Rucksack in India

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You can pack your towel, clothes, and hammock in the bag and still have sufficient room for some other items.

Pros and Cons of Pole Star


  • 2 zipper locks.
  • 60L capacity.
  • Ultra-light weight – just 500 grams.


  • Low aesthetic.
Pole Star FAQs

Q: Can it be used in flight?

A: Yes, it can be used as a cabin luggage, but please check the weight after stuffing.

Q: Does it have a laptop compartment?

A: It doesn’t have a compartment dedicated for laptop, however it has cross elastic belts to put iron clothes; and this can be used to place laptop.

Wildcraft Rucksack – Best 45L Rucksack in India

This is another great rucksack you should give a consideration when next you are shopping for a rucksack that will meet your needs perfectly well. This amazing black and red rucksack ranks high among the best of its kind you can get from amazing.

The water resistance rucksack that is made of nylon material can withstand drizzling rain without giving in while its draw string opening is designed to make access to the content of the bag quick and easy.

Best Rucksack in India

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Pros and Cons of Wildcraft Rucksack


  • Water resistance.
  • Adjustable strips.
  • Haul loop for heavy loads.


  • No laptop compartment.
Wildcraft Rucksack FAQs

Q: Does it have a rod frame?

A: No, it doesn’t have any rod frame, it is a basic model with semi-hard back support.

Q: Is it suitable for heavy rains?

A: No, it is water resistant and not waterproof. During heavy rains, it would be advisable to use rain covers.

Trajectory Wanderer Rucksack – Affordable 75L Rucksack in India

The Gleam 0109 Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack is one of the excellent options for the best quality 75 litre rucksack bag for those among you who are looking for heavy activities such as mountaineering. The 75 litre capacity is divided into several compartments to help you keep your things well sorted out. The solid frame and padded shoulder straps give it yet another powerful option for those tough mountain trails.

The spacious and durable design should further make it one of the excellent options in the long run. The expandability of the sack lets you store more essentials. You can manage your belongings more efficiently. The adjustable waist belt can provide you extra support when you are moving across the open roads. The durability and weather-resistant functionality further improve your experience.

Affordable 75L Rucksack in India

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Pros and Cons of Trajectory Wanderer Rucksack


  • Extremely spacious and provides you a good number of pockets
  • It also includes a rain cover
  • External and Internal Zipped Pockets in Hood


  • A little heavy
Trajectory Wanderer Rucksack FAQs

Q: What is the weight of the bag?

A: The weight of the bag is 1.5Kg.

Q: Is there any warranty available?

A: No.

Q: Is the rucksack washable?

A: Yes, the rucksack can be washed.

Mount Track – Best light-weight 50L Rucksack in India

The 50L rucksack has an adjustable strap that makes strapping it to your back pretty easy.  With an item weight a little below 900 grams, this water-resistant rucksack is hands down one of the best rucksacks for your camping or hiking need.

This rucksack is made of nylon and polyester inner material, materials with the reputation for durability and ease of use. You will enjoy 2-year warranty as you move from one location to another while hiking or on a trip.

Its unique back design makes it an ideal rucksack for high-grade routes and alpine sports.

best rucksack in india

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Pros and Cons of Mount Track 50L Rucksack


  • It has a compartment for a laptop.
  • The back is sweat resistant.
  • Rain cover to make it water resistant.
  • Dual pockets to hold different items.
  • Adjustable hip back for convenience.


  • Doesn’t have a zipper lock.
  • Height is not adjustable.
Mount Track 50L Rucksack FAQs

Q: Can it accommodate a sleeping bag?

A: Yes. It is spacious enough to accommodate a sleeping bag and other items.

Suntop TREK – Best 65L Rucksack for Trekking in India

The 998-grams Suntop Trek 65L rucksack is one of the best rucksacks under INR 2,000 in India. With a drawstring enclosure and nylon cum polyester materials, you have a rucksack that is well-designed to meet your needs.

The 65 liters rucksack is made of water resistant and highly durable fabric that ensures its durability regardless of the external weather condition it is subjected to. It is padded with foam to make it sweat proof and add extra comfort that makes longer carrying enjoyable and not stressful.

It comes with a reflector logo that you will find useful while moving around in late evenings.

best rucksack for trekking india

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Pros and Cons of Suntop TREK 65K Rucksack


  • It comes with logo reflector.
  • It is made of water resistant material.
  • Robust build that enhances its durability.


  • It cannot be resized.
  • There is no separate bottle pocket.
Suntop TREK 65K Rucksack FAQs

Q: Does it carry a warranty?

A: Yes, it carries a year warranty.

Q: How many compartments does it have?

A: It has one big compartment, it has drawstring sack closure with flap at the top. Also there are 2 large zippered pockets by the side.

Conclusion Thoughts on the Best Rucksacks for Trekking in India

With this guide, you have a review of the top 5 rucksacks to choose from. When next you are planning a trip or contemplating replacing your rucksack, consider getting one of the reviewed rucksacks in this article and you are good to go.


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