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Baking has become one of the standard options in the Indian cuisine of late. Cakes and Pizzas have been quite commonplace in the Indian home these days. That is precisely why you are here and trying to find the best oven for baking and grilling purposes. With a wide range of options available at your disposal, it may be quite tricky to choose the best options among them. Well, let us help you find the best oven for baking and grilling in India!!

Ultimate Buying Guide for Best the Oven for Baking & Grilling

Like most of the products that we have been reviewing here, we would consider checking out a few factors so that you can get access to the best options for the right kind of oven for your baking needs.

1. Capacity 2. Thermostat 3. Convention Fans 4. Preheat Functionality 5. Rotisserie

The capacity will have a direct relationship with the exact requirements you may have. It would be dependent on the exact family size you may have.

For a family of two members, an oven with a capacity of 15 litres should be an efficient option.

A capacity of 15 to 30 litres should be a good option for a family of four, and if you are a larger family, you will need an oven of 30 litres capacity.

Automatic thermostat functionality is an excellent option if you do not want your food to get overcooked. The auto thermostat will ensure that you will be able to ensure a constant temperature in your oven.

As soon as the temperature reaches a preset value, it cuts off the power supply. This prevents your food from being overcooked.

Proper arrangement and use of convection fans will ensure that you have access to the perfect air flow. The air will let you circulate hot air. This will ensure that you will have access to a unique level of baking and browning efficiency.

Ensure that the convection fans are powerful enough and provide you with access to better air circulation.

If you are looking for a good oven for baking, make sure that it comes with an efficient preheating feature. This will ensure that the oven will get heated first and then you will be able to place the food inside the oven.

This will improve the baking and browning functionality.

Rotisserie, if you are not aware, is a unique grilling arrangement. This works on a motor system for an efficient grilling purpose. If you are into grilling chicken, mutton or paneer, Rotisserie should be an excellent option you would want to go with.

You can either opt for a horizontal or vertical rotisserie option.

Best Oven for Baking and Grilling in India

Having gone through the best features, you should look ahead for in an oven for baking and grilling, let us check out a few good options you need to give a thought to.

Product NameCapacityWarranty
IFB Convection Microwave30L1 Year
Morphy Richards Commercial Oven52L2 Years
LG Convenction Oven28L1 Year
Morphy Richards 23L 23L2 Years
Morphy Richards 27L 27L1 Year

Of course, as we said, there are plenty of options available for the ovens that an enhanced baking features and choosing the right ones would be a herculean task. Let us check out the details of the perfect baking ovens that you can opt for.

IFB 30L – Best Convection Microwave Oven for Baking & Grilling in India

IFB has been a well-known brand when it comes to microwave ovens, and the 30BRC2 oven that we are discussing here should definitely be one of the best ovens for baking and grilling in India. The 30L capacity should ideally meet the needs of a large family. The auto cook setting ensures that your food will never be overcooked. There are over 100 standard menu options you can use for an enhanced cooking experience.

The microwave can be an excellent option for a variety of cooking options that include baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking. In fact, this oven has been treated to be one of the most popular ovens with Rotisserie arrangement. Hand blenders are not enough for making a good cake, but a great oven like IFB which has a combination of grill and combi cooking technology; will ensure you a perfect functionality for baking your cakes and pastries with ease.

best oven for baking and grilling in india

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The product comes with a starter kit as part of the sales package. The fermentation feature is yet another added advantage to ensure a better level of dough/ batter/ milk products. The deodoriser is a great feature to keep your microwave cleaner and germ-free.

Pros and Cons of IFB 30L


  • An excellent option for a larger family. The oven comes with multi stage cooking feature to ensure a three stage cooking functionality.
  • Steam cleaning feature to clean up your oven in just under 15 minutes.
  • Child lock feature keeps the oven safer from being accessed by kids.


  • May take a huge space on your kitchen counter.

Q: Can we use metal vessels?

A: Metal vessels can be used only when you are using convection mode. Microwave mode may not be a good option here.

Q: What is the maximum temperature available?

A: Up to 200 degrees C

Morphy Richards 52L – Best Commercial Oven for Baking Cakes in India

This is one of the best commercial oven baking cakes in India. The stainless steel body will provide you access to an enhanced level of heat circulation. This feature will ensure that you will get access to faster and uniform cooking. The motorised rotisserie will provide you in an efficient roasting and grilling of food.

The cooking timer that comes with the grill oven will be one of the perfect choices that will ensure a precise cooking experience. The oven uses convection technology so that the chamber gets heated up in an even manner so that the food will be cooked uniformly and in a faster manner. You also have a Stay On feature to provide you with better cooking experience.

best commercial oven for baking cakes

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The 52 litres capacity makes it one of the great options for ensuring excellent commercial functioning. The oven should be a good option for your needs in Baking, Grilling, and toasting. You also have access to the kebab rod set to ensure that you can cook your kebabs in the best traditional manner.

Pros and Cons of Morphy Richards 52L


  • Multiple features and functions make it a great choice.
  • A good option for heavy usage.
  • It also offers you a high degree of flexibility.
  • It will provide you with a perfect option for baking and grilling.


  • The power cord is too short.
Morphy Richards 52L FAQs

Q: Does it come with an inside illumination?

A: Yes, you have inside illumination.

Q: How many pizzas can it make?

A: Yes, it can make three pizzas.

LG 28L – Best Convection Oven in India for Medium Size Families

The 28 Litre capacity should make it one of the best ovens for baking and grilling in India for a medium family. The diet fry functionality will ensure you have access to cooking your dishes with the minimum usage of oil. The motorised rotisserie will provide you access to crispy and tasty grilled recipes. The stainless steel cavity should be a great option to ensure an even heat dissipation.

Apart from baking, the oven can even handle a wide range of cooking options like grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking. The microwave option does arrive with over 251 auto cook options of which 175 Indian recipes as well. The “Keep Warm” functionality is yet another excellent feature that will help you keep your food for about 90 minutes.

convection oven for baking cakes

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You can have access to one of the great options is the availability of a good list of a microwave starter kit. You have access to the multi-cook Tawa and microwave recipe book. You have access to the one year warranty on the product and four years on Magnetron.

Pros and Cons of LG 28L


  • You can manipulate the cooking process even during the process.
  • Offers you access to healthy and better cooking options in a lesser oil environment.
  • Adjustable speeds should be a perfect option.


  • Some pre set options are not intelligible.

Q: Does it have a self cleaning mechanism?

A: No, there is no option for self-cleaning.

Q: Does it have combination options?

A: Yes, it comes with three combination modes.

Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

The 23-litre Microwave should be an excellent option for a small family. The oven is one of the best options to opt for the best features despite the small space-saving size that it comes in. The insides are made of stainless steel and provide you access to one of the excellent features. The oven does come with five different power levels so that you can set multiple temperature levels.

The child lock facility is one of the thoughtful options to make sure your kids stay safe. Some of the options that it does offer you would be grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking, to name a few. You have access to over 10 auto cook menu options. The touch keypad should be the best options you would want to go with.

best oven for baking bread

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The oven comes with overheat and sensory protection features. There is also a buzzer option that indicates the completion of the cooking activity. You can be assured of better circulation of heat due to the stainless steel cavity.

Pros and Cons of Morphy Richards 23L


  • Whopping two year warranty.
  • You get a baking plate and wire rack as part of the sales package.
  • The advanced sensory mechanism to avoid overcooking.


  • Size may not be sufficient for larger families.
Morphy Richards 23L FAQs

Q: Can you use ceramic cups for cooking on it?

A: No. You need to use microwave compatible plates

Q: Can it be used for grilling?

A: Yes, it can be used for grilling.

Panasonic 27L – Best Baking Oven in India

One of the best options with an aesthetic look and appearance, it is an excellent option for a medium to a large family of around 5 to 6 members. The oven has a host preset modes and offers you an effortless option to cook your favourite food. You have access to the ceramic turntable that ensures a faster heat distribution and a safer operation.

The interiors are made of aluminium and ensure better heat dissipation and transfer rates. You can use it for a wide range of options that include cooking your desserts, grilling and defrosting of your food. The vapour clean feature is one of the best features that will make it an excellent choice for easy cleanability. This can go a long way in making it more stain and odour free.

best oven for baking and grilling in india

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The microwave oven promotes healthy baking and cooking with its zero oil recipes, making it one of the best baking oven in India. Now, prepare food items without unhealthy effects of oil and yet retain the taste. Get an assured one year warranty on the product and five years warranty on the Magnetron.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic 27L


  • A wide range of cook menus, most of which are Indian recipes
  • Made of rust-proof food grade stainless steel material.
  • Magic grill feature for an enhanced grilling effects.


  • You cannot make changes once you have set the menu.
Panasonic 27L FAQs

Q: Does it come with a Keep Warm feature?

A: No. You do not have the option to keep your food warmer.

Q: What is the length of the cord?

A: The cord measures 78 inches.

Types of Oven for Baking

There are different types of ovens available in India. In fact, if you are looking for the best options for baking, let us check out the best ovens you can go with.

#1 Microwave

Microwave Ovens

This oven uses microwave radiation for producing heat. These can be available in multiple options in sizes ranging from 16 to 40 litres capacity. These can be a little heavier. They will need a dedicated space on your kitchen counter. They can be a little expensive.

They are available in several options – Solo Microwave ovens, Grill Microwave ovens and Convection Microwave ovens. For your baking and grilling purposes, it would be advisable to go with the Convection Microwave Ovens.

#2 OTG

OTG – Oven, Toaster and Griller

This is a chamber specifically designed for use with your baking needs. These ovens are available in capacities ranging from 16 to 60 litres. These are an excellent option for baking cakes, pizzas and bread. When it comes to the costing, you will be able to save more than half when compared to the microwave ovens.

One of the best options would be that you can use any kind of vessels on an OTG when compared to the Microwave ovens. A Microwave oven uses the only the Microwaveable vessels. OTGs are available both in gas operated and electric operated options.

Recommended Reading – Oven vs Microwave vs OTG

Few FAQs on Ovens for Baking and Grilling

Well, now that we have covered most aspects of the ovens for baking bread and cakes, here are a few FAQs you would want to know in the context of the ovens used for baking cakes and bread.

Can I use a fan assisted Oven?
Yes, fan assisted ovens are a better option than the conventional ovens. They can be quite helpful in reducing cooking times considerably.
How to remove the unpleasant odour from the ovens and OTGs?
Heat a bowl of water with lemon juice inside the oven.
What is the crisp functionality in a Baking oven?
The crisp functionality will make your cakes and bread crispier. This can especially be helpful in grilling your food efficiently. It comes with a crisp plate that can help you reach temperatures as high as 210 degrees C.
How long does a microwave last?
A microwave normally lasts up to 9 to 10 years. Ovens should provide you with a lifetime a little more than that.
Can I use metal vessels in a microwave or oven?
Ideally speaking, microwaves do not work with metal vessels. However, since you will be using convection microwaves for baking and grilling purposes, you can set it to convection mode and use metal vessels. An OTG can accommodate the metal vessels though.

In Conclusion

That was perhaps the complete information on the ovens you can use for baking and grilling purposes. The information contained herein should help you choose a perfect oven for your baking needs and make use of it for an optimum level of usability. The FAQs and the buying guide should be helpful for you in arriving at the best possible results.

Check out those options and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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