how to make air cooler without water

How to Make an Air Cooler With Bottle & Without Water – Ultimate Science Project

Summer is around the corner in Asia, and we will begin experiencing high heat. How about making an affordable cooler using the cheapest ever items like pet bottles and jars? We will demonstrate one such product in the following post.

How to Make an Air Cooler with Bottle?

Looking for an excellent option on how to make an air cooler with bottles? Well, a pet bottle is one of the best options to make an eco-friendly air cooler. Although we understand that all plastic is not eco-friendly, but you can always use environment-friendly ABS BPA free plastic.

The materials you will be using for this exercise are simple and easy to find. You would require some pet bottles, cardboard, a 12 volt DC motor, maybe a toolkit etc… Here are the steps involved:

  • Collect four pet bottles. Make sure the difference between the RIM and body is more than what is normal.
  • Use a cutting blade to cut the bottles into halves along the body.
  • Take cardboard or any similar board and cut round holes into it. The diameter of these holes should be equal to the rim of the bottles you are using for this DIY project.
  • The holes should be spaced equally depending upon the body size of the bottles. Ensure that they do not touch each other.
  • Push the rims of the bottles into these holes. You may also stick them using good quality gum.
  • Paste a 12 volt DC motor, a battery and a switch to the cardboard box.
  • The cutout with the bottles that we created above should be fitted in front of the fan.
  • Close the box with a proper option for charging the battery easily.

Voila, that is it! You are ready with an air cooler without water, and which is made with pet bottles!!

For a better understanding of how to make a cooler with bottles following the above method, the following video may serve a better purpose.

How to Make a Fan Into an Air Conditioner – DIY?

We also have yet another excellent idea you can make use of for a DIY project for making a fan into air conditioner (or you can say air cooler) with plastic bottles.

how to make air cooler without water

The following steps can be helpful in understanding the DIY technique involved in the project:

  • Use the same method (as mentioned above) for cutting the bottles along the body at the rim.
  • Take round cardboard and cut out four holes in it along the periphery.
  • Once again, make sure that the rim and the diameter of the holes are equal and suit the body of the bottles.
  • Insert the rims inside the holes as in the above example.
  • Tie the cardboard along with the bottles to a table fan or a pedestal fan. You can use any simple method to tie the cardboard to the fan. Ideally, fishing string or any other options may be a good idea. You may even use the zip tie for the purpose.

Switch on the fan, and your simple eco cooler is ready at your service!

Again, a little difficult to understand the concept? The following video should help you understand:

You can be as much creative as possible with these affordable air coolers. In fact, it does not need any cooling mechanism, but purely dependent upon the natural principle of cooling the air around you.

How to Make a Cooler for a Science Project – The Concept Behind Eco Coolers

For sure you would now be able to make an air cooler with the bottles. However, now let’s come to the science behind it.

These kinds of affordable coolers are normally referred to as Eco Coolers. The basic principle behind this scientific possibility is referred to as Joule Thomson Effect. Commonly known in the air cooling and air conditioning world as Throttling Effect, the technique is widely used in liquefiers, refrigerators, heat pumps, and air-conditioners.

When the hot air moves from the wider region into the restricted area of the pet bottle, it begins to get expanded. This expansion of the air will lead to the cooling of the air.

The target room thus experiences the cooling effect in the best possible way.

how to make a air cooler with bottle

The temperature has a drop because of the change in the pressure. As the air enters the neck of the bottle, it experiences an increase in pressure. When it comes off the neck, the pressure suddenly drops, and thus temperature also drops almost instantly.

One of the best experiments to drive home the point of how exactly it works can be blowing air from your mouth. Blow out air with your mouth wide open and feel the air on your palm. Now repeat the same experiment with your moth restricted. How does the air feel on your palm in either of the cases? The air will be hot when you blow out with your mouth wide open, while you will feel cold with your mouth restricted.

how to make a cooler for a science project

With this, you would now know how to make a cooler for a science project. Now let’s get to a little history behind this concept.

Though we can call them eco coolers, the actual concept of eco coolers was developed by Mr Ashish Paul from Bangladesh. Given the fact that the climate of the region is too hot to handle, he was inspired to come up with this unique concept. Of course, you can use the commercial air coolers and air conditioners to get rid of the issue, but the fact remains that Bangladesh is a poor country and not everyone can afford the expensive air coolers.

The Eco coolers can greatly help these people from the low-income group for an enhanced comfort from the scorching heat. Moreover, they are environment-friendly, unlike the conventional options which may be using hazardous chemicals.

Conclusion on How to Make Air Cooler without Water

Well, those were a few options you can make use of for making use of pet bottles for making air coolers without water. Once you know the basic concept of how it works and the exact underlying principle used in the technology, there should be nothing that would stop you from being creative with your ideas on how to create better air coolers from pet bottles or jars.

Have you used any of your own ideas to convert the pet bottles and jars into an affordable eco-friendly air cooler using the throttling effect? If you have, do share your ideas and experiments with us so that we can share those ideas, tips, and tricks with the world. The concept is quite simple, and it should only be dependent upon how you would put it into an excellent use.

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