Best Wet Grinder for Dosa Batter in India

How to Choose Table Top Wet Grinders

If you are an Indiana and prefer preparing those Indian delicacies such as dosas, idlis, and other great south Indian dishes – the wet grinders should be one of the best options. The tabletop wet grinders should be an exceptional choice from that context.

It would definitely a huge task to pick the best-wet grinders, but then using one of the best buying guides can prove to be quite efficient and effective in choosing your wet grinder rather efficiently and wisely.

How to Choose Tabletop Wet Grinders – Pick your Options Wisely

Wet grinders come in different shapes and sizes. They are also made available with different attachments and features. That is precisely what would make it a little challenging to pick the right options among the wide range of options available at your disposal.

Here are a few factors that you should focus on when checking out the right options for a table top wet grinder. The buying guide here should help you achieve the goal of picking the right wet grinder based on your preferences and cooking style. A perfect checklist, the right sort of buying guide should help you make a well-informed choice.

The Capacity of the Wet Grinders

The capacity of the wet grinders is measured in litres. They are made available in different capacities, and your choice should be dependent on the size of your family and the servings that you would want to cook. You would find wet grinders ranging from 2 litres to 15 litres capacity.

A typical nuclear Indian family would need a wet grinder with a capacity of 2 litres. If you have a larger family, you can go with a wet grinder with a higher capacity. An extremely large family as in the case of a traditional Indian undivided family would require a wet grinder capacity of 10 or 15 litres.

Quality of the Stones Used

The stone used in a wet grinder can be of different shapes. Ideally, you would find a wet grinder offering you cylindrical, conical and round stone shapes. The performance of the stones will be dependent on different shapes.

Conical stones are known to provide better output, while the rounded stones can provide similar performance, to a slightly lower degree. The cylindrical stones may not be the best option if you are looking for a consistent batter. The wet grinders used for Dosa or Idli batters would need consistency for a better degree of fluffiness and thus would do well with either conical or rounded stones.

The Drum Material

The material used for the drum may be made of steel or stone. Each of the options has its own advantages, but it may be a wiser decision to pick a grinder with a steel drum.

A steel drum is more durable and will provide you with a consistent performance spread over time. The stone material can end up getting scrapped over time. Moreover, stone drum material may not be hygienic. However, even if you go with a wet grinder with a steel drum, ensure that the bottom of the drum is made of stone. This will ensure that the batter is ground in a consistent manner. A detachable drum can be an excellent option as it would be helpful enough in letting you clean it up properly after each use. It would also help in pouring the contents into another vessel without issues.

Tilt Function

The feature can only be found in the tilting wet grinders. It can be one of the excellent options for the easy pouring of the content into the other utensils. This type of drums is not detachable. While the tilting drums may not let you quickly transfer the content into another container or directly into the cooking vessel, they may be quite challenging to clean.

Motor Capacity

The capacity of the motor will translate into an easier and better-grinding action. A more powerful motor will provide you with a faster-grinding action. However, it has been observed that not many people tend to have a look at this feature.

Of course, it may not be the most critical factor that you would want to check out if you are checking out the best wet grinders for your requirements. But, if you have gone through a few wet grinders and cannot decide between them, it would be a great idea to pick the wet grinder with the highest power rating on its motor. A 150 to 200 Watts motor would be an ideal option on most wet grinders.

Number of Stones

That would be yet another factor to determine the grinding efficiency of your table top wet grinder. The number of stones will extend from one to three on most of the wet grinders. Table top grinders typically come with three stones, each of the stones weighing lesser in weight.

The wet grinders with one stone take a lot of time to complete the process of grinding. The wet grinders with two or three stones can help you grind the batter in a better manner. They would be capable of grinding the batter rather faster. Three stoned grinders have been observed to be one of the perfect options for faster and effective grinding.

Safety Features

The safety features on the wet grinders would help you get access to an enhanced experience. Of course, most of the wet grinders come with essential safety features. Even then, it may be a good idea to check the available safety features on your wet grinder.

Overload protection is one of the most essential factors you may need to pay special attention to. Protection from short circuit and voltage fluctuation can be one of the best options you would want to check out as well. These safety features not only help you work efficiently with your wet grinder but also increase the lifespan of your grinder.


The extra attachments would be dependent on the extra features that you are looking ahead to. The major attachments would include coconut grater and atta kneader. Most of the wet grinders these days come equipped with these two major attachments. Even when the sales package does not come with the attachments, you would have the support available and thus can buy them separately.

Best Wet Grinder for Dosa Batter in India

Types of Wet Grinders

Well, we are focusing on helping you pick the best Tabletop wet grinders. However, it may be incidental here to check out the types of wet grinders that you can pick for the best experience in picking the right type of wet grinder.

Regular Wet Grinders

These can be quite larger in size and are essentially used for commercial purposes. You can even use it for your home if you have a large family. These grinders come with a single stone and thus can take a while to grind your ingredients. It may be quite difficult to install them. It will also take a larger space to install it.

Table Top Wet Grinders

Table top wet grinders are what the name stands for. They can be placed easily on a table or your kitchen cabinet. They have two or three stones and provide a faster grinding efficiency. The table top wet grinders are incredibly portable and do not need any installation process. These wet grinders can be an excellent option for a smaller family.

Tilting Wet Grinders

Once again, the name should explain them better. These grinders can be tilted, and the drum is not removable. They are similar to table top wet grinders and provide you with access to an easy pouring of the contents into another vessel quickly. However, cleaning them may be quite tricky.

FAQs with respect to Buying a Table Top Wet Grinder

Having gone through that wet grinder buying guide, you may still be left with a few queries. We will make an attempt at answering a few of these questions.

Q – Which type of wet grinder should you go with?

A – That would be dependent on the size of your family and the exact requirements you may have. It would also be based on your cooking style and cuisine you are used to. The south Indian families need a table top wet grinder for most of their cooking. A tilting wet grinder may not be the right one in these circumstances.

A small family would need a wet grinder with around 1.5 to 2 litres capacity. Larger families can goo with a 5 litre capacity.

Q – What is the warranty offered on a wet grinder?

A – The manufacturing warranty would ideally cover the entire wet grinder for one year. The warranty period on the motor may extend up to 5 to ten years. Check out the warranty for a better understanding.

Q – Which stone is better – synthetic or granite?

A – The granite stone would be a better option. The conical stones would, therefore, be an excellent option you would want to go with.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that should provide you with a perfect idea for providing you access to an improved experience in picking the best wet grinders ever. While we have focused on the table top wet grinders here, the buying guide and the buying factors can be used for choosing the other wet grinder options as well.

Check out those factors and share your inputs with us in the comments below, which would perhaps help other users in picking the best wet grinders.

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