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5 Best Face Massager Machine in India – Amazing Buying Secrets

Beauty lies in beholder’s eyes, so goes a saying. It is quite important for you to look younger, refreshing, and decent enough if you really want to cast an impression on others. The face massage is perhaps the best option from that perspective. In addition to improving the look, it can also be helpful enough to relieve your stress. Face Massage can be one of the best forms of massaging and that is exactly what we will be covering in today’s post. We will check out a few best Face Massage Machines available in India.

Ultimate Buying Secrets for The Best Face Massager Machine in India

As with practically any machine or product, having a checklist will assist you in choosing the right kind of product. Let us explore the top factors you should look for in your choice for the best Face Massage machine in India.

1. Ergonomic Design 2. Power Options 3. Durability 4. Timer 5. Other Features

Now that the face massager is designed to be held in hand, you would want a design that is comfortable enough and does not awkward handling. A good grip, easier handling, lighter weight and perfect fit into your hand are a few features that contribute to the comfort.

Ease of use should be a major factor as you would not want a face massage machine that has a complicated functionality. Check out the features that you really use than just going by the feature set alone.

The face massage machines or face massagers need electrical energy to operate. You have multiple options when it comes to the power options available on a face massager. You may choose the one that best meets your preferences.

They can be used either plugged in, recharged or battery-operated (wherein you need to change the batteries quite often).

The rechargeable face massage machines can be a good option from the portability point of view. You can use them practically anywhere – even in the midst of your travel.

Plugged in massagers can be a great option if you are looking for the best performance. You will never run out of the power of your massage session. They can also offer maximum possible power.

This should perhaps be one of the features that we would look for in practically every product. Go for a face massage machine that provides you with the best possible service and lasts a lifetime. In fact, even if a good product costs a few bucks more, it would be an advisable option than choosing a substandard product available at a lower cost.

In case you are opting for a portable face massager, the durability factor should assume even more importance. You would not want to find your massager getting damaged during transit.

This is yet another important factor when buying a face massage machine. There are several massage therapies that stipulate a specific time period that you should apply. Just massaging your face indefinitely can be more damaging than offering a respite. A timer feature should provide you with a better experience in terms of a truly genuine massaging.

Some massage techniques will need around 10 minutes while a few others can extend to up to 20 minutes. Analyze the massaging therapies you opt for and the time needed for each of them before choosing your face massager. A good timer and easier management of the feature can be a better choice.

A face Massage machine comes with host f features and functions. You would indeed want a machine that offers a wide range of features so that it can meet almost every one of your needs in different types of face massage.

A few other salient features would include oscillation and kneading massage.

An oscillating technique on the massager can be helpful in efficiently opening up the pores on your face. A mere vibrating face massage machine may not be a good choice under ideal circumstances.

The Kneading massage has been considered to be an effective massage technique and can be a great addition on your face massage machine.

The Best 5 Face Massagers (Reviews) in India

Having understood the major factors, you should check out in your face massager machine, let us now move ahead to check out the top five best face massager machines you can buy in India.

JSB HF101 – Best Silicon Vibratory Face Massager in India

Best suited for both men and women, the JSB HF101 Silicon Vibratory Massager comes with a two-speed vibration setting option. You can choose the speed that you actually need. The compact size would make it one of the formidable massager to carry while you are on a tour. The waterproof & washable functionality would be yet another added advantage.

The massager is powered by two AA batteries. The massager can be used with oils and creams without any issues. This would also be helpful in using it with face serums. A long-lasting functionality would be one of the huge advantages that it would provide you access to. It assures a complete relaxation, a better blood circulation and assists in maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

best face massager machine in india

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The face massage machine should be used for 15 minutes, two times per day. The soft silicone brush, which can be washed & reused, should be a perfect option for a comfortable and easier massaging.

Pros and Cons of JSB HF101


  • A stronger vibration for a perfect degree of massage.
  • Easier handling and an effective ergonomics.
  • Softer touch on a sensitive skin.


  • No major cons.

Q: What is the material used for the product?

A: The product is made of metal components

Q: Can it be used to massage the hair with oil?

A: Yes, you can use it on hair.

Lifelong LLM720 – Best Face Massager Machine in India

What makes it one of the excellent choices is the fact that it comes equipped with multiple accessories as part of the package. It can be quite helpful in getting rid of oil, makeup or any other pollutant rather quickly enough.

It offers you a three in one detachable heads construction. You have a soft fiber brush that ensures a thorough cleansing, a deep cleansing brush for acne and dirt, and a makeup sponge that assists in removing the makeup and applying the cream. Two-speed vibration setting should be a perfect option a deeper cleansing efficiency. The IPX7 waterproof rating is what would make it a perfect companion for showering. You can clean it up under the tap.

how to massage your face for glowing skin

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The stylish and beautiful design would make it worthy of showing off. The face massager machine works with a built-in battery that can be recharged. A single full charge provides you up to 45 minutes of usage. The compact and portable design would make it a great option to carry it anywhere you want to.

Pros and Cons of Lifelong LLM720


  • It comes with a good list of accessories.
  • Lets you exfoliate your facial skin and cleanse it thoroughly.
  • Completely waterproof design.
  • Highly lightweight and durable.


  • No significant cons.
Lifelong LLM720 FAQs

Q: Can I use it for head massage?

A: No. It is designed for face massage.

Q: Is it advisable to use it daily?

A: Using it daily may damage your skin. Trice a week usage would be appropriate.

Braun Face 810 – Best Facial Cleansing Brush in India

It has been a perfect option for a facial epilator and cleansing brush and has been registered as the world’s first option designed for the purpose. The facial epilation functionality of the machine should provide you with four weeks of hair-free skin. The facial cleansing offered by Braun Face 810 is six times better than manual cleansing.

The epilator cum face massager option should provide you access to ultimate precision. It has over 10 micro openings for capturing the finest hair. The face massager comes with an epilating capacity of 200 pluckings per second. You can use it for your chin, upper lip, and eyebrows.

best facial cleansing brush in india

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The cleansing brush is designed to remove the makeup completely. It can also be helpful in removing the pollutants and dust from the pores. The micro oscillations that range up to hundreds will help you take care of even the sensitive skin. You can even use it with oil, water or your cleansing gel.

Pros and Cons of Braun Face 810


  • The epilator cum face massager feature would make it a great choice.
  • A faster performance.
  • Portable and convenient design that can be helpful as a perfect travel companion.


  • A little expensive but worth the money.
Braun Face 810 FAQs

Q: How it powered?

A: The face massager machine is operated by regular AA sized batteries.

Q: What is the warranty on the product?

A: Two years.

Beauty Wan’s Silicone Vibrating Face Massager in India

The Beauty Wan’s Silicone Vibrating Face Massager is specifically designed for women. It can be an excellent massager and face cleanser for almost all your requirements. The unique and a beautiful look is what would make it one of the best face massager machines you would love to have in your possession.

The face massager comes with the material that is completely non-toxic. The dual vibration cleansing offered by the machine offers an effective cleansing performance. The auto-off timer that the machine comes should make it one of the perfect alternatives.

Silicone Vibrating Face Massager in India

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The waterproof design can be one of the excellent face massagers for women. The massaging speed of 7000 vibrations per minute would be what you would find impressive.

Pros and Cons of Beauty Wan's Face Massager


  • Ease of use and simple functionality.
  • It is completely non-toxic.
  • The massager comes with a USB charging functionality.


  • Little expensive price tag.
Beauty Wan's Face Massager FAQs

Q: Is it suitable for a smoother skin?

A: Yes, you can use it for both smooth or normal skin.

Q: Does it come with adjustable vibration?

A: Yes, it offers you an adjustable vibration option.

Estilo 5 In 1 Facial Exfoliator Electric Massager

The face massager machine does come with a five in one construction. The massager is powered by a battery. The effective massaging provided by the face massager machine will help you achieve better blood circulation. It can be quite helpful in lightening your skin.

5 In 1 Facial Exfoliator Electric Massager

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The five in one massager comes with five accessories for your varied requirements – sponge head for cleansing grease and clean your skin, tapered head for cleansing the potholes in your facial skin, lotus massage head that accelerates the massaging experience, ball head that improves the metabolism and a prick head for effecting a comfortable massaging experience.

Pros and Cons of Estilo 5 in 1 Massager


  • A durable design.
  • Easy to use and effective.
  • Compact and portable design.


  • The rotation may not be up to the mark.
Estilo 5 in 1 Massager FAQs

Q: Can it work with electricity?

A: No, it will work only on battery

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Yes. It can work with water or oils.

How to Massage your Face for Glowing Skin?

Face Massaging has its own advantages. It can help you relieve stress and assist in better blood circulation. It can be helpful in removing the toxins from your face and skin. It can go a long way in promoting the radiant glow on your face.

There is a specific schedule and how you would need to undertake face massage will involve the following steps:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap can be a good option. This can help you avoid the germs from your face.
  • Make a beginning with the centre of the chin and gently move outwards to the area below the ears. Gently define your jawlines this way. This can help avoid congestion in the tissues.
  • Pinch the fleshy part of your cheeks to improve the circulation. This introduces an instantaneous glow.
  • Lift up your cheekbones. You can use your middle and index fingers for the purpose.
  • De-puff your eyes. You can use a gentle tapping motion for stimulating brightness. 

Tapping gently all over the face with your fingers is yet another excellent technique. You can emulate a faster drumming beat for a better result. This can precede your actual face massage regime to ensure a relaxation to your facial muscles.

Placing your fingers on your forehead and then moving it in a zigzag motion pulling the skin in the opposite direction can be an effective option. Next on, start pressing the temples in a circular motion on the temples and move left to right in a circular motion. This can further help you relax.

Pinching eyebrows gently can be helpful enough in improving the blood flow to your forehead. It can even stimulate the growth of eyebrows. Take a little moisturizer and move your fingers under your eyes in a circular motion.

Benefits of the Face Massage roller

Face Massage rollers can be quite effective and efficient as a means of handling your face massage regime. It does offer you a host of benefits and advantages.

Some of the advantages that face massage roller can assure you would include:

  • It would be helpful in boosting your blood circulation. This can make your skin glow with radiance.
  • It removes the signs of ageing. The face massage roller can be an effective option for taking care of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can help remove dead skin elements quick, and this will ensure that your skin remains free of toxins.
  • It can also help you get rid of sinus issues and headaches.
  • It can facilitate the skin creams, and other skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Increases the lymphatic drainage and thus will ensure a brightened tone.

Types of Face Massage Machines

The Face Massagers or face massage machines come in different types. You can choose the ones depending upon your exact requirements. Ideal classification face massagers can be made in the following three categories:

#1 Mechanical Face Massagers
These use mechanical forces to perform facial massage. They normally use a battery for the operation. These would come in a smaller handheld design and let you handle them easier enough. They can also be quite cheaper enough.
#2 Roller Face Massagers
These are an excellent option for massaging your face that provides a better option than the regular face massagers. This can be much helpful in improving blood circulation. This will bring blood flow to your face.
#3 Ultrasonic Face Massagers
These can be an excellent option for face massaging. However, you would find them a little expensive. Theses ideally come in the battery-operated option and provide access to a deeper and elaborate massaging experience. They use high-frequency sound for cleansing and stimulating your face.

How to Use Face Massager Roller?

Do face massage rollers really work? Most of them are based on quartz or jade and work in an efficient manner. The rollers would be an excellent option for removing the puffiness. They can also be helpful in increasing blood flow.

The facial roller can travel practically anywhere on your face. Most of the rollers are made of stones, metal, and actual rollers. They can effectively replace fingers and knuckles for the best ever massaging experience. Hold your roller in line with the jaw and push it along the jawline. Keep repeating this movement around five to six times. Be careful with the area under your eyes. This is a delicate area, and pushing too much here can be dangerous.

Use similar movements for your neck. Make sure you do not exert too much pressure. It would also be important to ensure that you do not place the roller at the center of the neck. Repeat the motions five to six times. You can even check out the vertical movements on the sides of your neck for an enhanced toning experience.

The best part with a roller is it will be helpful in creating your own personalized regime for face massaging just about anywhere anytime. Carry it anywhere you want, and you will be able to use wherever you would want to.

FAQ’s about Face Massager Machines

Maybe you have a few queries that you are looking to answer about the face massager machines.  We thought of compiling those questions and answering them.

Q1 Is it advisable to use face massager every day?
It may not be necessary to opt for face massage every day. In fact, it can even damage your skin. Ideally speaking, we recommend opting for face massage thrice a week as a rule. Regular massaging helps you provide you with oxygen. Plenty of oxygen can be helpful in making your skin look beautiful and keeps it glowing.
Q2 Can I wear makeup immediately after a massage?
Yes, you can. There are no rules that suggest you cannot wear a makeup soon after the face massage. However, we would advise giving your skin a little break before applying makeup again.
Q3 When should you start opting for face massage?
It may be a good idea not to opt for face massage before the age of 20. Your skin has a higher pH value before the age of 20 years, and it would be a great option – not to go with the face massage before that.
Q4 Why is Face massage therapy important?
Face massage can help you get rid of fatigue, stress, and other issues. This can be quite helpful enough to alleviate these conditions right in time. It can also help you address blood pressure, depression and similar other issues if any.

In Conclusion

Massage Therapy can be a perfect option for taking care of your well-being. The best face massager machines outlined in this compilation should be helpful enough in arriving at the best options for your needs to face massaging. Opting for face massage at home can be helpful enough in improving your mood and enhancing your well-being. Use any of the products outlined here and make a habit of opting for face massage at least thrice a week, and you might see the change.

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