difference between solo and convection microwave

Difference Between Solo & Convection Microwave Oven – Which is Better?

The use of microwave ovens has been quite widespread these days. In fact, it has been considered to be one of the prime kitchen appliances and ceased to be a luxury. It just simplifies the task of cooking and can be one of the excellent options for your needs when you have not much time on your hands for cooking.

However, picking the best microwave oven can be quite difficult tasks to date. Simply because of the fact that there are different types of microwave ovens currently available. The major options that consumers typically tend to get confused would include the solo and convection microwave ovens.

The Major Differences Between Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave

The significant difference between a Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave should ideally be rather simple to understand and is based on the cooking methods supported. A Solo Microwave can let you cook, defrost, and reheat your food. In contrast, a convection microwave, you would be able to bake and toast as well in addition to the primary cooking operations supported by a solo microwave oven.

So are you confused between what to choose between a solo microwave and a convection microwave? In that case, we would perhaps be of some assistance to you and help you understand the difference between Solo and Convection Microwave. Understanding the prime differences between different microwave ovens can really be helpful in picking the best options.

It may be a good idea to compare the two major microwave ovens based on a few key parameters. That would help you get access to an enhanced and more informative insight into the working of either of these microwave options.

Definition & Basic Functionality

The solo Microwave is basically a basic cooking machine that would help you cook your food with the help of microwaves. The heating process is completed with the magnetron’s help, microwaves, and the water molecules inside the food.

A Convection microwave is a combination of the basic model we just discussed, and the convection functionality was thrown in extra. The basic functionality will cook with the help of microwaves, while the convection feature makes use of the air to cook your food. You can make use of whichever option you are comfortable with.

The Process of Cooking

A Solo microwave makes use of the magnetron to cook your food. A Magnetron is basically a vacuum tube and comes with a cathode rod surrounded by an anode tube. The anode tube is hollow in construction and surrounds the cathode rod.

On the electricity supply, the electricity is passed on to the cathode, and the cathode gets heated up. The electric filed thus moves towards the anode. The electrons begin oscillating due to the magnetic field and electrolysis and then move towards the inner chamber of your Microwave. The microwaves than get reflected due to the walls of the cooking chamber and thus get penetrated inside the food items.

The water molecules within the food, thus get vibrated due to the microwaves and produce friction. This friction generates heat, which is then used for cooking the food.

A convection microwave follows the same option to produce heat and thus helps cook your food. However, it also relies on the movement of hot air along with microwaves. In addition to the regular heating and cooking mechanism used on a solo microwave, a convection microwave offers you access to a heating element along with fans for circulating hot air.

The heating element heats up the air and moves through the cooking chamber. The fan then moves the hot air across the heating chamber uniformly. This further helps you get access to enhanced and improved performance with respect to cooking your food brown and crisp. This can be helpful enough in letting you perform cooking processes such as baking and toasting.

The Cooking Methods Employed

The two microwave options have their own specific cooking operations support.

The solo Microwave supports the following cooking functions:

  • Regular cooking
  • Defrosting
  • Reheating

A Convection Microwave, on the other hand, can perform the following activities:

  • Regular cooking
  • Defrosting
  • Reheating
  • Toasting
  • Baking

difference between solo and convection microwave

Comparison Chart for the Best Solo and Convection Microwave Ovens

Well, there is not much of a difference between the two microwave oven options apart from the cooking options supported. The final choice you would make would ideally be dependent on what type of cooking activities you would need to perform on your oven.

Here are a few critical differences between the two microwave ovens:

ParticularsSolo Microwave OvenConvection Microwave Oven
Cooking FunctionsCooking, Defrosting and Reheating.Cooking, Reheating, Defrosting, Baking and toasting.
Cooking MediumMicrowavesMicrowaves and hot air
ConstructionMagnetron, cathode, and anode.Magnetron, cathode, and anode; Heating element and fan.
Best Options ForPopcorns, reheating food, defrosting meat items, basic cooking.Popcorns, reheating food, defrosting meat items, basic cooking;
Baking cakes, cookies, and biscuits; Roasting meat.
Limitations Cannot roast meat, cannot be used for baking or toasting;
Cannot heat food effectively from inside.
Not the best option for grilling.

Solo Microwave vs Convection Microwave – Which One should you Go with?

Well, that would be something dependent on the cooking activities you are looking ahead to. Do you really NEED a Convection Microwave? If your cooking activities are limited to basic cooking and reheating, then perhaps a convection microwave is not something you would necessarily need to go with.

If you think you can afford a convection microwave, it may be a good idea to opt for it. No matter whether you are using it for baking, toasting, reheating, etc… it can definitely be a good option for that unprecedented evenness that it provides you.

In case you need grilling as well, you may need to check out the right options available for the ovens designed for baking and grilling.

The Closing Remarks

Well, that is precisely what should help you arrive at the best microwave options among the Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave ovens. Of course, a convection microwave may be an excellent option for the best features it offers. But, that should not necessarily mean that it should be the best option ever.

We would recommend you to pick your choice of the best options based on your cooking habits. Just check out what you are looking ahead to and choose the best options.

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