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Cheap and Best Soundbar in India

Soundbars are what would make it one of the preferred options for a home theatre experience, unless you are willing to opt for an expensive AVR in India. In fact, if you are a minimalist and do not want to buy a home theatre,  going with a soundbar would be the right option you should prefer. A reliable companion for your TV, it delivers a high-quality surround sound experience.

If you are checking out for the cheap and best-sounding Soundbar in India for your TV, this should be the right help you would want to opt for. Let us check out a few excellent options as far as soundbars available in India are concerned and understand a few necessary information about these amazing audio devices as well.

How to Pick a Soundbar – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

As with every other product we have discussed, a checklist for the best features and functionalities should serve as a ready reckoner for finding the perfect Soundbar for your TV.

Here are a few salient features you need to pay attention to when choosing a soundbar.

1. Size 2. Control & Ease of Access 3. Sound Quality 4. Connectivity 5. Budget

Do note that a soundbar is not a single speaker. It is a combination of speakers that have been arranged horizontally. That would definitely take considerable space. Check out the size before you actually buy a soundbar.

In fact, you would ideally want to have a symmetrical look on your TV cabinet or even on the wall (if you are affixing the Soundbar on the wall). The TV set you have would be yet another aspect you need to take care of when choosing the Soundbar.

The best option should be to measure the TV dimensions and compare it with the size of the Soundbar.

You need not be a rocket scientist for using the Soundbar. If the Soundbar you are planning to buy comes with complicated accessibility, it may not be the right choice to make. The ability to have complete control over the tasks would be much essential. That way, you can have access to the right kind of music you want to listen to.

The controls should be such that they work well with your existing system. The soundbars with remote controls would be an added advantage. That would offer an added advantage rather than the on-body controls. The option for HDMI ARC will let you control your Soundbar with your TV remote.

That should be the prime reason you are buying a soundbar. Sound quality and audio enhancement should be one of the exciting options. Look for the options for clear sound, enhanced audio, and different modes of music. A channel sound experience would ensure an authentic cinematic experience.

A soundbar with audio enhancements such as Dolby Digital or Dolby ATMOS should offer an added advantage. Now that you are connecting the Soundbar to your TV, a clear speech quality should be yet another feature you should have a look at.

A voice enhancement setting on your Soundbar should be yet another plus point.

The availability of different connectivity options will simplify and enhance your experience further. A few good connectivity options will include HDMI, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, optical cable, S/PDIF, Line-in, Aux, and USB port. The availability of a wide range of connectivity options brings in the much-needed convenience.

Multiple connectivity options would be helpful in letting you connect your Soundbar with a host of devices. It literally opens up more opportunities for you.

Well, that should be a common feature you would want to focus on when buying any of your products. However, do remember that you cannot have everything in your Soundbar on a limited budget. Of course, that should not necessarily mean expensive products come with heavy feature sets and best for usage.

Choose a product in tune with your budget, but do pay attention to the features and functionalities as well. Look for the needs you have and choose the Soundbar that meets those features in your budget. Those extra fancy features may not be what you would typically use.

Best Budget Soundbars in India

After checking out those much-needed features you should look for in your Soundbar, here are a few exciting options to help you make the right decision.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

If you are willing to spend anything under INR 8000 mark for a soundbar, the boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar should ideally be the perfect one for you. An affordable soundbar with the features that only expensive options provide, it should be much easy on your budget without losing the quality.

The wireless subwoofer that comes as part of the package should be one such premium feature. That should make a plush set up for your TV. The 12 W speakers on the Soundbar provide an actual cinematic experience. The multiple connectivity options would be yet another advantage – you have optical cable, Coaxial, HDMI ARC, AUX, and Bluetooth.

cheap and best Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

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The high-end equalizer technology enhances the sound quality and optimizes it as per the sound performance on your source. The aesthetics are such that it will add up and provide more value to your TV and other components around it. The sound adaptability depending on whether you are watching a movie, songs, news, or songs on your TV.

Pros and Cons of boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500


  • A value for money product
  • An excellent bass with wireless subwoofer
  • A host of connectivity options
  • Premium finish


  • Does not come with an HDMI cable
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 FAQs

Q: Does it have Dolby Digital support?

A: No

Q: How many tweeters does it have?

A: Two tweeters and a subwoofer

Samsung N300 (with Built-in Woofer) Bluetooth Soundbar

Yet another budget offering for the best cinematic experience, the Samsung N300 offers you an excellent set of features in a budget pricing. It lets you undertake wireless music streaming through Bluetooth. The wireless connectivity with your TV is yet another excellent option that does away the need for the cluster of cables.

The sophisticated build quality is set to elevate your musical experience by miles. The compact design should be a great space saver. However, that should in no way affect your audio experience. You can be assured of a room-filling sound. The lack of need for a bulky subwoofer saves space without affecting the sound quality in any way.

affordable soundbar in india

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Single remote control for your TV and Soundbar would make it an easy to use option. The Soundbar comes with connectivity options in the form of Analog audio input, digital optical audio input, and USB port. The Soundbar works with Samsung Audio Remote app for enhancing your audio experience further ahead. The Soundbar offers you a clear sound without distortion even at high volume.

Pros and Cons of Samsung N300


  • Two built-in speakers and a sound duct for the enhanced audio performance.
  • A great bass efficiency
  • Surround Sound Expansion feature provides a room-filling sound sideways.


  • No HDMI connectivity
Samsung N300 FAQs

Q: Does it have Dolby or other audio enhancement?

A: No

Q: Can it be used to listen to songs on a pen drive?

A: Yes. You can connect it to optical cable or aux cable

F&D E200 Plus – Cheapest SoundBar in India

Sizewise, the F&D E200 Plus Sound Bar Speakers is longer enough. However, we do not think it should affect the portability in whatever way. The highly lightweight design should make it possible to carry it around rather quickly. The looks make it gel well enough with any sort of décor. The rubber pads at the bottom should be a thoughtful addition that prevents the Soundbar from slipping off.

Available just under INR 2000, this should be the most affordable Soundbar ever in the Indian market. You can connect it with a USB adapter or any other external adapter if you want to. The Soundbar has a good tilt feature that helps disperse the sound more naturally. The built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery can be easily charged with a traditional micro-USB port.

best soundbar for led tv

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And yes, it features the 3.5 audio jack so that you can connect it with any traditional music device for streaming your favorite music. The passive radiator at the front should help you in rich and powerful bass performance. You can indeed have access to a theatre-like experience at highly affordable pricing.

Pros and Cons of F&D E200 Plus


  • An excellent bass performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • An excellent build quality
  • A great sound quality


  • It may not be powerful, but a good one at the price
F&D E200 Plus FAQs

Q: Does it work with smart TV?

A: Yes

Q: What time does it take to charge fully?

A: It should take around one to 1.5 hours to charge fully.

JBL SB110 – Best Soundbar in India under 10,000

The JBL Soundbar comes with a powerful subwoofer that should make it one of the exciting options for a cinematic audio experience. A few features that should make it an extremely excellent option can be considered to be the support for Dolby Digital audio enhancement and four woofers. That would indeed be the best combination for producing truly immersive music.

The built-in subwoofer delivers an amazing bass and does away the need for a bulky additional subwoofer. The HDMI ARC connectivity will add up more value and work as an excellent space saver. What’s more, you can even connect it with any of your devices that connect with Bluetooth to play the content from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

best soundbar in india

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The Soundbar comes with two full-range drivers, two 2.5″ woofers, and Dolby Digital connectivity for ensuring a powerful sound from your smart TV or any other connected device. Easy to use and slim, it should ideally meet all the expectations you might have had with respect to a soundbar. The Soundbar works with your TV remote, thereby eliminating the need for handling two remotes.

Pros and Cons of JBL SB110


  • High bass makes it an excellent option for parties.
  • Can be the right options for the Amazon Fire TV
  • Aesthetics and looks are great enough.


  • Sound from HDMI is not up to the mark.

Q: Does it allow wall installation?

A: Yes. It can be easily installed on a wall.

Q: Does it come with radio functionality?

A: No

Blaupunkt SBW100 – Best Budget Soundbar in India

Last on our list (that should not mean our list is in any preferential order); the Blaupunkt SBW100 120Watts Wired Soundbar is a soundbar made with German technology. It offers you a really satisfying audio experience without distorting your audio. The design should be one of the strongest points that should make it one of the preferred choices you would want to go with.

It has side-firing woofers that would further enhance bass performance. The connectivity options are plenty enough – you have Digital Optical-In, Subwoofer out, AUX-in, Optical-in output, and USB that should assist you to connect it with practically any device of your choice. You can literally feel the thumping 120 W of power and bring your parties to life.

best soundbar in india

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The design is what we loved the most, and we can’t just stop thinking about it. It brings an aura of sophistication with it. The special EQ mode is yet another exciting option that further brings the Soundbar and the music on it to a thrilling performance. Choose your mood from among Music, Movie, News and 3D, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Blaupunkt SBW100


  • An excellent sound quality
  • The sophisticated build quality
  • A great bass aided by side-firing woofers


  • The remote control may not work beyond 4 to 5 feet in some cases
Blaupunkt SBW100 FAQs

Q: Can it be connected with a laptop or PC?

A: Yes. As long as you have a 3.5 mm connectivity

Q: Is there Dolby ATMOS support?

A: No

Where Should a Soundbar be placed?

In fact, you should ideally decide the placement of your Soundbar well before you buy a soundbar. That would help you narrow down your choices to achieve the best possible results. A perfect soundbar placement will ensure that you have access to an optimized acoustical performance ever.

A soundbar can be placed practically anywhere you wish to. You may place it on the cabinet or table. You can even place it above your TV. It can even be wall mounted if you want to. In most of the cases, the placement of the Soundbar will be dependent on your personal preferences. The room décor can also be a contributing factor.

If your TV is mounted on Wall

If you have installed your TV on the wall, the Soundbar should not be beyond a distance of 3 inches from the screen. Make sure it is as much close to the TV as possible. This will ensure that you have access to optimum sound experience. You can either mount the Soundbar either above or below the TV. It would go without saying that the Soundbar you buy should have wall-mounting compatibility.

If your TV is placed on Table or Cabinet

In these scenarios, it would be practical to place the Soundbar in front of the TV. We would advise opting for a soundbar that does not cur the visibility of your TV. It may also be necessary to check if the Soundbar is blocking the remote sensors on the TV.

In case of a wall-mounted TV, placing the Soundbar below the TV would give it a great look. It would appear quite techy and provide a minimalistic approach.

Can I Add Wired speakers to my Soundbar?

Well, that would be dependent on the Soundbar you have opted for, and the connectivity options offered on it. Ideally speaking, soundbars do not come with functionality to add the additional speakers than the ones that form part of the package. However, a few soundbars may provide you an option for the purpose.

We do not think it would be a great idea, though it can be achieved. To begin with, it will create unnecessary clutter of wires and cables. The setting up can be highly complicated and not really worth all the efforts you are putting into it. You may also ruin the musical experience if the speakers do not match. Acoustical engineering is a sensitive area, and any mismatch can severely render your efforts at connecting wired speakers to the Soundbar practically useless.

How to Connect Alexa to Soundbar?

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have become two indispensable personal voice assistants. Connecting your Soundbar with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant would be extremely easy and straightforward. However, your Soundbar should be compatible with the voice assistant.

You will need an Amazon account, and an Amazon Alexa enabled device (in our case, the Soundbar) for connectivity. Follow the steps here for setting up Alexa on your Soundbar.

  • Connect your Soundbar and smartphone to the same WiFi network
  • Install the Music Centre app from Amazon on your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and scan the devices connected to the same network.
  • Choose your Soundbar and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Soundbar.

Once that done, your Soundbar will be able to respond to your Alexa commands.

Please note that the above tutorial s generic in nature. The exact connectivity and the steps involved would be dependent on the actual soundbar and connectivity process that it uses. On a Samsung soundbar, for instance, you may need to use the SmartThings app on your phone and create a Samsung account if you do not have one.

In short, you would need to check if your Soundbar is Alexa enabled, and if it is, use the appropriate steps as provided on the official website or the instruction manual.

How to Connect Soundbar to TV?

Connecting your Soundbar to your TV would need you to analyze the ports available on your TV and Soundbar. In fact, that should precisely be what you need to check out before opting for a soundbar. Basically, there are four common options to connect your Soundbar to your TV.


HDMI is an excellent option for connecting your TV and Soundbar. HDMI is capable of carrying a large amount of uncompressed digital data. It can work with any sound system right from 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound.

If you want to connect your Soundbar to your TV through HDMI, make sure your TV has HDMI ARC. Connecting to the standard HDMI input may not offer you the right connectivity. His method would work only if both your TV and Soundbar have the HDMI connectivity.

Optical or Coaxial Cable

This is perhaps the traditional method for connecting your Soundbar to your TV. This connection method will be able to transfer data for up to 5.1 channel surround sound.

The optical cable offers a square connector, whereas a coaxial cable comes with a circular connector. Optical cables tend to introduce lesser electrical interference. However, make sure your TV has the necessary connectors. Most of the TVs may not have the digital coaxial option, while the optical port is available in many of the cases.

3.5MM Audio or RCA

These cables carry analog signals and thus will not be able to deliver full digital audio output. They can be the right options only when you have no other options available.

However, check out the label before you make the connections. The port would ideally be marked as a line out. Thee are many chances that you will confuse it with a headphone jack. They look almost similar, and it should be essential to check out the labeling to avoid connecting to the wrong port.

Red and white channels mark the RCA inputs, and you should find similar options on your Soundbar as well. Do note that the sound will only play from the devices that it is connected to.

Headphone Jack

This should be your last resort. If none of the above methods work in your case, it would be worthwhile to consider connecting your Soundbar through the headphone jack. Some of the TVs come with an option to help you transform the headphone jack into the line out connection.

come with an option to help you transform the headphone jack into the line out connection.

Soundbar vs Home Theater – How do they differ?

Like we have already mentioned in the past, a soundbar is what would replace a home theatre. So, how do they differ from one another? Which among them would be a better option?

A soundbar can be considered to be a compact form of home theatre. They can be available entirely on their own or with an additional subwoofer. They would offer you a little more bass and power. Most of them do offer a surround sound feature.

A Home theatre, in contrast, is a complete setup and comes in the form of a set. It will have a number of speakers depending on the number of channels you have decided to go with. They will help you fill your room with audio from practically every angle.

Why opt for a soundbar? Well, they are compact and easy to set up. The cabling needed for a soundbar is minimalistic. A reasonable pricing would be yet another plus point. They are also extremely affordable.

The argument in favor of the Home theatre would be they provide you with the true surround sound performance. Depending on the surround sound channels you have chosen, they have can have three to nine speakers. However, they are quite complicated for setting up and come with an expensive price tag.

The choice should be clear enough. If you have constraints or on budget, a soundbar would be the right one to go with. On the other hand, if you want to have good quality music and authentic theatre music, a Home Theatre is the best you would need. Of course, you would also need to have enough space to install it.

In Conclusion

Well, those were a few best choices for a perfect Soundbars you can opt for. We have taken care to include the best soundbars that would meet your requirements without breaking your bank. Moreover, the additional information with respect to the soundbars should further help you understand these small wonder gadgets in a better way.

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