can you make smoothies with a food processor

Can You Make Smoothies with a Food Processor or Hand Blender? Yes!!

Making smoothies is an art in itself. And you need a good blender for making the right smoothies. However, smoothies can also be made with the help of a food processor or a hand blender. Are you looking to make those restaurant-style smoothies right in your own kitchen? The following tips would be the right options you can go with.

can you make smoothies with a food processor

Can you make Smoothies with a Food Processor?

A food processor can be a good option for making the perfect smoothies. Just that it would be a good idea to use frozen fruit instead of ice in a food processor. The food processor can be powerful enough when it comes to making smoothies with the frozen fruit.

What do you need for making a smoothie with a food processor?

Here are the ingredients you would be best done with:

  • Fruits – either fresh or frozen. The latter would be a great idea
  • Energy boosters
  • Liquid base – sweetened or non sweetened based on your preferences
  • Leafy green items

Leafy greens and energy boosters would be optional.

How to begin? Well, here we go.

Add up your leafy partners

Add up the greens if you are adding them up to the smoothie. They should be the first items to go inside the food processor. Some examples would be Baby spinach, kale, romaine, beet greens, and Swiss chard. The actual ones that you would use should be your personal preferences.

Add up the fruits

Next to go inside would be the fruits. These would be the best option to push down the leafies with ease. The best fruit bases for a smoothie would be bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and berries. You can remove any of the fruits from this list and add up your own favorites. Experimentation should be the key here.

Stack up your energy boosters

Next to go in the line up would be the energy boosters. These would make your smoothies have nutrient properties as well. Of course, they are nutritional already with the greens and fruits. These should be quite optional. Some examples can be:

  • Protein: protein powder, chia seeds,
  • Fiber: oats, shredded coconut
  • Healthy Fats: almond butter, coconut oil
  • Energy Boost: maca powder, bee pollen, raw cacao
  • Antioxidant: acai, spirulina, goji berries

Once again, you are free to make your own combination.

Add up the Liquid base

The liquid base can range across multiple options. Almond milk, coconut water, and soy milk are widely used. Yogurt can also be a good option here. You can even use regular milk. You can now add sweetener if you are looking for a sweetened smoothie. Honey, nectar, and dates can be a few good options. You can add up one cup at a time. You would be able to add more of them later if needed.

Blend all the ingredients together - #VIDEO

Well, that would be the last step. Blend all the ingredients together. Make sure to stop and scrape the items from the walls of the bowl.

How about a video that should help you undertake the task in a better way?

That would do it all with the food processor. Pour the mixture into the smoothie glasses and enjoy! Now let’s check out how we can make a smoothie with a hand blender.

Can you make Smoothies with a Hand Blender? Of course YES!

An immersion hand blender should be an excellent option for making a smoothie. It can help you whip your smoothie in practically no time. The ingredients you use for the smoothies would be the same as with the food processor.

Put up all the ingredients into a smoothie glass. In some cases, it may be a good idea to add the ingredients one by one so that you can give a little room for the blender. Make sure that the glass is not filled more than two thirds. Use your immersion hand blender to whip it all. Do note that all the hand blenders may have enough capacity to break the ice. You can break them up yourself before adding them to the glass. Let the liquid cover the blender blades in its entirety.

Make a beginning with the smaller speed setting and move ahead cranking it up as proceed. Check if you have enough thickness to the smoothie and stop blending. If you think it is too thick, you can add up more liquid base.

Hand Blender vs Food Processor

There are several options available in a kitchen and the two most common elements are Food Processor and Hand Blender. But, how do they differ from one another?

A countertop blender can be the right choice if you are into smoothies, emulsified cocktails, and soups. However, if you are into pureeing the ingredients, the immersion blender would be the right option in those circumstances. Many of the blenders come with extra attachments that can offer you an added advantage.

Preparing veggies, grinding them and similar other options can be best handled with a food processor. It can help you make larger batches of food items with ease with these food processors. You can choose between the powerful and larger food processor or a mini option depending upon the exact choices you may have.

The table below should be helpful enough in arriving at the best results:

Food Item Blender Food Processor
Soup and Puree Excellent option Can Work
Smoothies Best option Capable enough
Chopping vegetables No Yes
Baking dough No  Yes
Cheese No Yes

What is the Difference Between Smoothie and Frappe?

Well, there is a huge difference between a Smoothie and frappe. In fact, a Frappe is equivalent to a milkshake. In some regions, a frappe is referred to as a coffee milkshake. Frappe is largely made of coffee, milk and ice cream. Frappe can be an excellent choice when you want to have something to sooth you out on a hot summer day and provide enough energy as well.

Smoothie can be the right option to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It is made with vegetables and fruits. It also consists of other ingredients like seeds, nuts, other plant-based milk options like coconut and almond.

Yet another added advantage would be that a frappe can have limited variations, while smoothie can have no limitations. Smoothie can be quite healthy and tasty.

The Difference Between Smoothie, Juice, and Milkshake

Of course, milkshakes and smoothies are loved by almost every one of us. They may be different in terms of composition and the mode of making them.

Milkshakes are ideally dairy preparations. They come with ice creams and flavored bases. On the other hand,  a smoothie would be prepared mainly with fruits and vegetables. Yet another huge difference would be the fact that milkshake cannot replace a meal while smoothies can act as a replacement of a meal. The smoothie is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Juice, on the other hand, is prepared by extracting the liquid from the frits. Recently even the vegetables are used in preparing the juices. The pulp is discarded in many of the cases. It differs from smoothies with the fact that a smoothie can be prepared with the items that can not be used for extracting juices. A few examples would include banana, leafy vegetables, and honey.

Ideally speaking pulp is discarded when preparing a juice, but that would not be the case with a smoothie.

The Parting Thoughts

Those were a couple of options for preparing a smoothie. Of course, we would not indulge in smoothie recipes for the sake of this post. But, making smoothies with a food processor or a hand blender would be one of the excellent options you would want to opt for.

We assume the tips above should help you enough in checking out the best options for preparing high-quality smoothies right away.

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