Best Safe Locker for Home in India

Best Safe Lockers for Home in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you have been someone who keeps a lot of relevant documents at home, or even cash and gold ornaments for that matter, taking care of your valuables is extremely important. That is precisely where a safe locker comes to the fore.

Given the reports of frequent robberies in cities and villages alike, it is quite essential to invest in an excellent safe locker to ensure your valuables are safe enough. This can only be possible if you decide against the cheaper options available in the market – both in terms of quality, construction, and pricing.

We at Beast5, indulged into thorough research into the best safe lockers in India and zeroed on the top options for the best products that should ideally meet most of your needs. So, without much, we will list out our top picks for the best safe lockers for the home in India.

What to Look for in the Best Safe Lockers in India – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Before we can list out the best products in the realm of best safe lockers in India, we will also check out a few critical factors you need to look for in your choicest options for the safe lockers.

1. Size 2. User Friendliness 3. Compact Construction 4. Durability 5. Bidget

The size of the locker should be one of the most essential factors you would need to focus on when buying the best safe locker. The size of the locker would be dependent on the purpose for which you want to go with the locker. Check out what would you be storing inside your locker. It would also involve checking out the number of shelves and compartments.

The safe locker should be easy to operate. However, this ease of use should not make the locker unsafe and easy for the thieves and burglars. Striking the right balance between safety and ease of use should be one of the prime features you should look for in your product. A safe that runs on technology and uses passwords should be one of the prime options you would want to go with. Laptop connectivity and iris-based operation can be a few other great features.

A minimalistic design will ensure low maintenance, and that holds true in the case of safe lockers as well. No one wants huge and bulky lockers. The ability to hide them should be yet another prime feature you would want to focus on picking the best safe locker. Being able to hide your safe and using it with some sort of camouflage would perhaps be a thoughtful option in achieving the best results.

Safes are meant to be durable, and that is precisely one of the most important factors you would want to focus on when choosing your favourite safe locker. Avoid opting for fancy safes just for the looks. Ensure that you have checked out the best reviews so that you would be able to lay your hands on the best possible and durable product. Purchasing a safe, again and again, is something you would not prefer under ideal conditions.

Obviously, the price of the safe locker is yet another essential factor you would want to pay special attention to. However, while keeping an eye on the price, ensure that you are not settling for something substandard. The rule of thumb should be to get the best value for the money you spend. A high cost, but an impractical safe may not be something you would be willing to go with just because it costs a bomb.

Best Safe Lockers for Home in India

Having gone through the best buying factors you need to look for in your chosen product; we will now check out a few excellent options available in India for the best safe lockers. Our top picks are based on extensive research that we conducted into the realm.

AmazonBasics Security Safe – Best Safe Locker for Home in India

AmazonBasics is a brand developed by Amazon for offering high-end products at an affordable price tag. The AmazonBasics Security Safe truly lives up to the goal. The safe is of 14-litre capacity and comes with an electronic security lock. The safe is made of steel and has two override keys that can be used in cases of emergency. The build quality is impressive, and the safe is quite durable enough.

The safe can be mounted onto the wall, shelf, or floor. It is constructed with steel, and the insides are properly carpeted. The steel construction is free from any scratches. The digital display offers three indicators for letting you know whether the safe is locked, unlocked, or out of battery. The shelves are adjustable, thereby providing a better degree of flexibility is storing medium or small-sized items.

Best Safe Locker for Home in India

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The safe has a pry proof design which further ensures that it would not be intruded upon by the burglars easily. Ease of operation without being unsafe is yet another thoughtful inclusion. You would get a one-year manufacturer warranty on the product. The electronic lock needs external power, and this is handled by four AA batteries.

Pros and Cons of AmazonBasics Security Safe


  • Fingerprint lock makes it one of the most secure options.
  • It can store up to 10 fingerprints.
  • Dual combination locker
  • Fireproof design


  • No major cons
AmazonBasics Security Safe FAQs

Q: Does it have a backlit LED display?

A: Yes, the lock has LED backlighting

Q: What is the volume of the safe?

A: The safe offers around 20 Litres volume.

Godrej Security Solutions Ceres Coffer Safe

Offering you a storage capacity of 14 litres, the safe weighs 12 Kgs. The steel construction of the safe should ideally make it one of the strongest options to achieve the best standards in terms of achieving an exceptional quality performance. The design is quite eye-catching and should get well with your décor.

The sleek and aesthetic design can perhaps be one of the good options to camouflage it and make it appear something else than a safe. The stylized metal handle is one of the unique concepts that we liked the most with the product. The removable inside shelves make it quite flexible in storing your valuables and thus help you achieve a better degree of ease of use.

Godrej Security Solutions Ceres Coffer Safe

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You can easily anchor it against your wardrobe and dressing table which should be yet another added advantage. The contemporary safe provides a compact and robust exterior, making it quite difficult to break in. Of course, the safe does not offer you any technology-driven solution, but coming from Godrej, the name itself should stand proof to its capability.

Pros and Cons of Ceres Coffer Safe


  • The build quality is reliable and safe
  • Strong and durable product
  • Positive reviews
  • A good product for those who are not comfortable with electronic lock


  • Price is a little on the higher side
Ceres Coffer Safe FAQs

Q: How many keys does it come with?

A: 2 Keys

Q: Is it fire and waterproof?

A: No, it isn’t water and fireproof

Ozone Safety Solutions FP-12 Hawk – Best Fireproof Safe Locker in India

One of the excellent options for homes and offices, the Ozone Safety Solutions FP-12 Hawk Fireproof Safe is one of the prime options for ensuring a high-end safety for your valuables. The tech-savvy users will indeed fall in love with the product, thanks to the best safety mechanism provided in the safe locker. The fingerprint lock should be one of the aspects that would make it future proof.

The safe locker offers you three different options of opening it. You can use the ubiquitous electronic code for all practical purposes. The ultra-modern and secure fingerprint lock should be what makes it one of the safest products in its realm. In case of emergencies, you can go with the emergency key which would act as one of the prime options in the long run.

Best Fireproof Safe Locker in India

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A dual combination lock system will further enhance the quality of the safe in terms of security. The electronic key and fingerprint lock works is powered by a battery, and you have a powerful low battery indicator. It should be the ultimate option for jewelry, cash, and documents.

Pros and Cons of Ozone Safety Solutions


  • Fingerprint lock makes it one of the most secure options.
  • It can store up to 10 fingerprints.
  • Dual combination locker
  • Fireproof design


  • No major cons
Ozone Safety Solutions FAQs

Q: Does it have a backlit LED display?

A: Yes, the lock has LED backlighting

Q: What is the volume of the safe?

A: The safe offers around 20 Litres volume.

Godrej Security Solutions Access – Best Electronic Safe Locker in India

Yet another safe locker coming from Godrej, the Godrej Security Solutions Access Electronic Safe comes with an electronic lock. The factor that makes it one of the promising ones is its compact design. The exterior of the safe is quite solid making it extremely tough to break into. The availability of a mechanical override is an added advantage if you have forgotten the passcode.

With a smooth and slimmer design, it is made completely of steel and immensely safer. The 8 litre capacity of the safe should be enough for most of your requirements. The solid steel construction coupled with motorized shooting bolts would further improve the efficiency of the safe. The carpeting inside the safe would make it rather easy to use it for the valuables as it will prevent them from getting scratched.

Best Electronic Safe Locker in India

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The safe comes with a low battery indicator is yet another good plus point. The lightweight construction makes it rather easy to use, and thus it can easily be placed inside an almirah or wardrobe. A demo offered by the company makes it one of the strongest options to go with.

Pros and Cons of Godrej Electronic Safe


  • A security safe true to its name, it is safe and break free
  • Auto freeze feature which activates after four unsuccessful breaking attempts.
  • A master password in case of emergencies
  • Non volatile memory that saves the password even in case of battery outage


  • Installation is chargeable
Godrej Electronic Safe FAQs

Q: Can it be used without mounting?

A: The heavy door may make it unstable if used without mounting

Q: Is it fireproof?

A: No, it isn’t fireproof.

Q: Does it come with a tamper alert?

A: No, there is no tamper alert.


One of the prominent options for electronic digital safe, it should be an excellent option for safeguarding your valuables. It is indeed one of the right options for your needs in the fingerprint ID and bolt locking system. The high-frequency alarm system is yet another thoughtful inclusion that should deter the intruders efficiently. The safe also comes with a beautifully lit interior, further making it an excellent option for storing your valuables and documents.

The safe is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction that would make safe and secure. You have access to two pre-drilled and bonus bolts for providing access to an enhanced experience. The adjustable storage shelves and a pry-resistant door would further enhance the security features on the safe. The insides has different compartments to store valuables and documents.


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If you forget the passcode, you can open the safe using the backup access keys. The stylish look should be yet another feature you would find rather interesting. The sheer stainless steel would make it a great choice that would never go unnoticed.

Pros and Cons of TUFFIOM Mini Safe


  • Durable build with high quality construction
  • The interiors are fully lit.
  • A rich look and aesthetics


  • Price is a little expensive

Q: Can it be bolted to the floor?

A: No, in that case, it would open from the top which isn’t practical.

Q: Is it fireproof?

A: No. It isn’t fireproof. However, the strong metal may not melt easily

Q: Is it lightweight?

A: No. It is quite heavy for its size

Electronic vs Manual Safe Lock – How Do They Differ?

So, we examined and found a few great options for the safety lockers; you would have got confused between the electronic safe locks and manual safe locks. We will make a comparison between the types of safes and arrive at the best experience of choosing the right one among them.

Mechanical Safe locks

Mechanical locks are the original safe locks and have been in use since a long time. In fact, when you think of a safe, the first one that would come to your mind should be a mechanical safe lock. A mechanical lock comes with simple construction. You dial to the right of the first digit and so on. Put simply; the mechanical locks are what they are – they use mechanical means for safeguarding your valuables.

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Safe


  • They have been safeguarding your belongings since long.
  • They would last longer than their electronic counterparts
  • It does not use electronic parts such as batteries.


  • They are not tech savvy
  • They are susceptible to burglary
  • The process of unlocking is rather slower.
  • It would require a higher degree of maintenance.

Electronic Safe locks

Everything has been moving towards the digital age, and that would hold true of the safe lockers as well. They make use of the technology and utilise the components such as sensors and switches. You would also find them using batteries for an easier operation.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Safe


  • They are incredibly resistant to manipulation. Since they have hundreds of combinations, it would be much difficult to manipulate.
  • You can pick your own passcode and change it whenever you want to.
  • Better and easy access.
  • Can be blocked after a few unsuccessful attempts.


  • Need for changing the batteries.

Each of the safety locker technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. The actual choice of the safe lockers would be dependent on your individual preferences.

Types of Safe Lockers

There are different types of safe lockers. Each of the different types of lockers are dependent on storage you are seeking out for. The classification would also depend on the exact mounting method utilised for the purpose.

We will check out a few salient types of safes you can opt for in India.

Wall Mounted Safe Lockers

The wall-mounted safes are quite common and have been widely used since a long time. You might have found them in spy movies and similar other shows. It is mounted on a wall as the name itself should indicate. It may be mounted directly on the wall where it is visible to others, or be camouflaged with other things on the wall.

A good example can be a painting hung before the safe locker mounted on the wall. The painting hides the safe, and thus it remains not visible to others inside the room. One of the issues with them is that they are best suited for use with smaller objects only.

Floor Safes

The safes are placed on the floor and hence the name. They are fixed inside the floor and can go unnoticed. They can ideally take a huge weight and thus have been proved to be efficient enough in handling larger objects.

The floor safes tend to be quite heavy and thus may be a little difficult move or handle. The safes are made from hard and sturdy material, and they would be quite challenging to break into.

Mobile & Fixed Safes

Based on the portability of the safe lockers, the safes can either be mobile or fixed. If you are a frequent traveler, you would perhaps look for a safe locker that can be easily moved and taken with you wherever you want to. In case the restroom you pick does not have a safe locker, this would be an excellent option.

One good example of the mobile safe lockers would be Godrej Goldilocks. The fixed safe locker is obviously the locker that cannot be moved and stays fixed at one particular location most of the time. The mobile safe lockers come with an ability to store lightweight objects alone while the fixed safe lockers let you store even the heavy objects.

Electronic Safes – How do they Work?

While the mechanical safe lockers have still been in vogue, you would find the electronic safe lockers come with advanced technology and have been taking over the mechanical lockers in most of the use cases. Have you ever thought about the working principle of Electronic safe lockers?

How do safe lockers work? They come with an advanced digital technology that lets you keep your safe password protected and safeguards your valuables.

Electronic safe lockers help you keep your valuables behind a numerical lock, thus protecting them from falling prey to an easy burglary. They use the same mechanism as that used on the dial combination locks, but do that with an easier option of entering a numerical passcode directly instead of using a dial.

Are Home Safes a Good Idea? A Few Safekeeping Tips you Should Remember

Keeping a safe locker at home is always a good idea. However, along with picking the best safe locker, we would also advise you to follow a few protocols to arrive at the best results of how to use a safe locker.

Never ever forget your safe lock unlocked

Of course, we always tend to forget things and tend to forget a lot of things in our life. However, forgetting to lock a safe locker is something that can cost you a fortune. Make a habit of locking it up every time you place things inside the locker and remove something.

Never use an easy password

Choosing an easy passcode can be an invitation to serious repercussions. Choose a complex passcode so that it would be extremely difficult for the outsiders to guess it. Yet another mistake most of us tend to commit is to keep a backup of passcode at an easy to find location. Avoid both the mistakes and ensure that extra care in picking a passcode and keeping it safer at a not much easier location as a backup.

Never boast about your safe

Boasting about your safe, its features, and even its location may not be a wiser idea. Showing off a new safe to people would be something you would avoid doing. Your excitement may make you opt for that, but it is only wiser enough to avoid the temptation. Avoid advertising about the features of your product.

A FAQs you may want to find answers for

Well, a few FAQs that you might have always wanted to answer may be helpful enough in letting you understand the safe lockers a little better.

What can you store in an electronic safe?

You can save practically every kind of valuable in a safe locker. In fact, this is something you need to give serious thought to when picking the safe locker for your needs. Choose a safe based on what you are looking to store.

Do the dimensions of a safe matter?

Yes, obviously the dimensions do matter, and you need to ensure that the dimensions are chosen properly. And once again this will be dependent on what products you are looking to store in the safe locker.

What are the best locations to store the safe lockers?

The right place would be where two outside walls meet. This can provide better safety. A few good locations can be under the staircase, behind a bookshelf, built-in space, or under/behind heavy furniture.

The Closing Thoughts

That was all about the best safe lockers that you can put to great use. Using a safe locker can be extremely useful for taking care of your valuables and documents. Choosing an electronic safe can be one of the excellent options in such scenarios. We assume the list of the best options outlined in this compilation should ideally be one of the prime options in the long run.

Picking the right safe locker can be a daunting task, and we promise that the tips above should ideally help you get access to an enhanced experience in choosing the best safe locker. The additional information provided here should further be helpful in providing you with an enhanced experience ever. Pick your favorite safe locker and share your experiences with us.

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