Best Portable & Powerful Welding Machines In India #Reviews

If you are a homeowner and prefer getting the things done in an easier Do It Yourself way, it would be quite an ideal option to go with a portable welding machine. A portable welding machine can prove to be handy enough among the best toolkits at home in carrying out a few necessary repairs works yourself. If you are a beginner and cannot find where to find the right welding machine for your needs, a complete analysis would be a good idea to arrive at the best options to look out for.   

Things to Look for in The Best Portable Welding Machines in India – A Complete Buying Guide

Before you can pick the best portable welding machine in India, it may be a good idea to check out the best buying factors when picking the right portable welding machine in India.  

Input power AMP rating Overheat protectionDuty cycle
The welding machines come with different input power ratings, and that would include 110 to 220 Volts. In case you are checking out the best portable welding machine, it may be a good idea to check out a machine with 110 volts. Many machines come with the capacity to switch between 110 and 220 V. 

It would be practical to go with a 220 V capacity only if you are checking out the options for a heavy-duty operation. A higher AMP rating would be quite a great option. 

The AMP rating would determine the ultimate power of your portable welding machine. It would determine the capacity of the machine to weld thick or thin metals. A lower AMP rating can be best suited for lighter or delicate metals 

The higher AMP rating will translate into an ability to weld thicker metalsIf you are welding delicate or non-ferrous metals, it would be an ideal option to use a portable welding machine with a low AMP rating.  

Most of the machines come with an auto shut off feature to prevent it from overheating. It would be a good idea to ensure that your portable welding machine comes with this feature. It can go a long way in keeping your machine in good stead for a prolonged period of time.  

Auto shut off feature apart, it may also be a good idea to choose a welding machine with advanced safety features.  

The duty cycle of the welding machine would be yet another feature you should specifically focus on. The duty cycle is a feature that would help you co-relate between the rest time and operation of your machine. A duty cycle of 30 per cent would mean, you need to keep the device in a resting position for 7 min after it has worked for three minutes. Choose the duty cycle based on your actual needs of work.

Best Portable Welding Machines in India  

Having checked out the best buying factors you need to check out on the right portable welding machine, here are a few top choices we would recommend for an enhanced experience in picking the top-end options for your needs.  

ibell Inverter Arc – Best Portable Welding Machine in India

Ibell has been one of the most popular brands for the best possible experience in an enhanced and improved experience in terms of metal fabrication and portable welding. Much portable, yet efficient, the iBELL Inverter Arc Welding Machine provides you with a high degree of performance efficiency.   

The portable welding machine comes with an Arc 220A mechanism and IGBT technology. The inverter welding machine offers you a very sophisticated and modern look to your welding machine.  The IGBT technology makes use of the semiconductor technology to control the voltage applied to the welding process. That would make it one of the prime options for all your needs in welding high solidity metals. 

Best Portable Welding Machines in India  

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The welding machine can be an excellent option for almost every one of your needs in indoor and outdoor operations. You can find a series of safety features that would include overheating protection, easy portability, IGBT protection and sturdy construction. 

Pros and Cons of ibell Inverter Arc Welding Machine


  • Non- sticking functionality  
  • Lower maintenance 
  • Reliable IGBT technology  
  • Works in all weather conditions  


  • Cable length is shorter 
  • Higher price tag  
ibell Inverter Arc Welding Machine FAQs

Q: What is the size of the electrodes that can be used on the machine?  

A: 5 mm electrodes  

Q: Can it weld copper?  

A: No. It can not weld copper  

Q: Can it be used to weld stainless steel?  

A: Yes, but it may cause a colour change. 

GK36 ARC200 Welding Machine 

An advanced inverter ARC welding machine, the GK36 ARC200 Welding Machine should be what you would find one of the prime options. The welding machine comes with standard accessories and runs on 200 amps. One of the highly efficient inverter welding machines, it ensures that you get access to the constant voltage when performing your fabrication operations 

The compact design and high build quality makes it one of the highly portable welding machines ever. The crystal clear digital display should be one of the factors that would make it something you would find rather impressive. 

Best ARC Welding Machines in India  

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The welding machine comes with enough number of accessories that include welding holder with 2M long cable, earth clamp with a 1M cable and appropriate euro connectors. A great option for both indoor and outdoor usage, the welding machine is exceptionally durable in every respect. 

Pros and Cons of GK36 ARC200 Welding Machine


  • Completely compact and portable  
  • One year warranty  
  • High-end durability 
  • Lower maintenance requirements


  • Expensive pricing   
GK36 ARC200 Welding Machine FAQs

Q:What is the size of the electrodes supported?  

A: Electrode size of 2.4 mm and 3.15 mm (12G and 10G) can be used. 

Q: What is the voltage required to operate the machine?  

A: 220V 

Q: Does it come with overheat protection? 

A: Yes, you have the overheat protection option available 

Sumo ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machine 250A 

Single-phase 250 Amp welding machine, the Sumo ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machine 250A uses the most danced inverter technology for consistent performance. The welding machine uses a high power MOSFET technology and then reduce the voltage for higher voltages through PWM technology.   

The efficiency of the welding machine can be found increased by 30 per cent due to the reduction in volume and weight efficiently. It can be an asset for the basic welding tasks and should be a great option for use in homes, small repair shops and minor repair work. 

Best Welding Machines in India  

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Portable weight and light construction lead to a higher degree of transportation. It does provide you access to several advanced features such as hot start, anti-stick, and power boost functions. The multipurpose control panel with digital display lets you control a wide range of parameters such as current with ease. Good use of both indoor and outdoor applications.  

Pros and Cons of Sumo ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machine 250A


  • A Great option for machinery manufacturing, sheet metal processing, and automotive maintenance 
  • Stable usage and longer continuous working time  
  • High-performance capacitor  


  • No cons observed as such  
Sumo ARC Portable Inverter Welding Machine 250A FAQs

Q:What electrodes can be used with the welding machine?  

A: You can use electrodes of 1.6 to 5 mm  

Q: Does it come with housing protection?  

A: 220V 

Q: Does it come with overheat protection? 

A: Yes, you get housing protection grade IP21 with the sales package.  

TOSHON TIG/ARC200 Inverter Welding Machine 

The TIG arc welding machine from Toshon is slightly heavier, but that is something you should ideally expect from a TIG welding machine. It does work with an inbuilt inverter and should assist you in getting a decent constant output voltage. The build may, however, may look not much modern.   

The welding machine is built with heavy metal, and that offers a very strong build quality. It also comes with accessories such as earthing clamp and cable. The two years comprehensive manufacturing warranty should be one of the prime options you would want to go with. 

Best Inverter Welding Machines in India  

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The bright digital display offered on the product should be yet another advantage in tune with most of the modern welding machines. The steel construction should provide optimum durability.  

Pros and Cons of TOSHON TIG/ARC200 Inverter Welding Machine


  • Low maintenance requirements  
  • A reliable and robust construction 
  • A truly sturdy build  
  • Two years warranty


  • Expensive price tag  
  • There are not many accessories available with the sales package
TOSHON TIG/ARC200 Inverter Welding Machine FAQs

Q:Can it weld aluminium? 

A: It may not be capable of welding aluminium machines  

Q: Does it come with housing protection?  

A: 220V 

Q: Can it perform both TIG and arc welding? 

A: Yes, it can work with both TIG and Arc welding with the machine  

Q: What is the weight of the machine?

A: Seven kgs 


BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine 

If you are looking for easy productivity and complete control over ARC welding, the BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine should be your prime choice. The simplified interface coupled with automatic adjustments for the parameters makes it one of the new age welding machines at its best.   

Different Types of Welding Machines

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Extremely portable, the welding machine can be your best bet for almost all minor works. Single-phase 200 A operation should be yet another advantage offered by the portable welding machine. The 200 amps inverter technology and availability of IGBT technology can further improve the efficiency and performance of the welding machine in comparison to the competing products. 

Pros and Cons of BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine


  • Extremely lightweight, yet durable  
  • Comes with all significant accessories such as cable and welding clamp. 
  • Can work with any regular wall outlet.  
  • A stronger carrying handle  


  • Only six months warranty  
BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine FAQs

Q:Can it be connected to a generator?  

A: Yes, it works effortlessly with generator  

Q: Does it come with housing protection?  

A: 220V 

Q: Can it work at 150 Volt power supply? 

A: No, it cannot work at 150V. 

Q: What is the welding rod compatibility? 

A: 10 Gauge and 12 Gauge welding rod 


What are the Different Types of Welding Machines? 

Welding machines come in different types, shapes and sizes. You will need to make a choice based on the exact requirements you may have. Each type of welding machine is manufactured, keeping in view the specific work requirements. 

MIG welding Machines

Best for – Everyday repair work at home or factory. 

MIG welding machines can handle a wide range of metals that include mild steel and stainless steel. They can even work with aluminium. MIG Welding is a type of arc welding process which uses a continuous solid wire electrode to the weld pool for joining the two metal parts. Shielding gas is also sent through to prevent the contamination of the welded joints. 

MIG welding machines are found to be faster in their operation. They also provide a longer arc time. 

TIG Welding Machines

Best for – repairing the damaged part. Not useful for fieldwork  

TIG welding machines can provide better performance when compared to other types of welding machines. You can expect a cleaner and pure weld surfaces without any kind of splatter and fumes. They can handle a broader range of metal surfaces that include stainless steel, brass, gold, magnesium, aluminium, copper, and nickel alloys 

Spot welding Machines

Best for – Motor vehicle industry  

They offer an advantage over the other types of welding processes with their efficient power usage and more straightforward automation performance. They can also be much cheaper when compared to other types of welding machines. 

Stick welding Machines

Best for – professional quality welding needs. 

Stick welding has been rated to be one of the best and most reliable welding techniques. Also known as arc welding, it may be a little harder to master. It uses the stick welding electrode and can be one of the excellent options for affordable welding machine requirements. 

There are several welding machine types apart from the ones we just discussed. In fact, most of the modern welding machines come with a combination of different welding processes and thus can serve dual purpose operations based on your individual repair works. 

What is the Best Welding Machine for the Pipeline? 

Pipeline welding involves a very professional degree of workmanshipIt would ideally require highly specialised equipment for the best possible performance. The actual machine used in the pipeline welding would be dependent on the skills of the welder, but a machine with GTAW type of welding process would be more suitable for the purposes. 

Bigger machines such as Big Blue 350 PipePro would be one of the useful options in the long run. Though we are not explicitly suggesting any particular machine, a specialised pipeline welder would be one of the great options. Check out the heavy-duty machines built explicitly for the purpose such as ADOR WELDING MMA  WELDING can be a great option. It has an unmatched performance with the support for MAW and occasional GTAW Welding 

How to Check Volts and Amps on a Welding Machine? 

You would use clamp meters for measuring the actual amps and voltage when using welding machines for any of your welding purposes. Of course, you can use the standard multimeter, but opting for the specifically designed clamp meter can be a great idea in professional welding environments.  

The Uni-T UT-210E True RMS AC/DC clamp meter has been one of the right options from this perspective. You can even check out a few other good ones such as Sigma Instruments Digital Ac/Dc True RMS Clamp Meter 

What is an Arc Welding Machine? 

ARC welding is a type of welding process that makes use of an electric arc current for heating and melting the metals and then join them. The technique involves creating an electric arc between the consumable (or consumable electrode) and the base material through a power supply. The power supply used in this case may either be AC or DC.  

Arc welding is referred to as a fusion welding process and has been used since long for joining the metals. The power supply can produce heat to the tune of around 6500 degrees F and thus melts the metal surfaces to join them together.  

The electrode is used to carry the current to the joint and also works as filler metal for finishing the joint. The arc welding requires the use of a shielding gas to help minimise the contamination of the joint. The contamination can occur as a result of the reaction of metals when heated up with oxygen and nitrogen in the air.  

There are two types of arc welding options utilised – GMAW and SMAW. GMAW stands for Gas Metal Arc Welding, while SMAW is the acronym for Shielded Metal Arc welding.  

GMAW makes use of the shielding gas to help protect the metal joints from getting contaminated. SMAW, on the other hand, uses an electrode that is coated with the flux that melts at the weld pool to avoid contamination. 

How to Calculate the Duty Cycle of the Welding Machine? 

The duty cycle of a welding machine can be calculated with the help of a mathematical formula. Still, it should be noticed that the theoretical duty cycle may be slightly offset from the actual value because of the influence of several other parameters. The duty cycle can be affected by factors such as the time over which it is measured, the ambient temperature, and whether the test was conducted on a cold machine or when it was warmed up. 

What is the duty cycle when specifying welding machine ratings?

The duty cycle of a welding machine is the percentage of time that it will operate safely within a time period (which we may call the test period) at a specific amperage. For instance, a duty cycle of 200 amps at 30 per cent would refer to the following thigs – the machine will operate at 200 A for a period of 3 minutes (in a test period of 10 minutes), and then switch to the thermal cooling mode for the next 7 minutes.

The machine always has a thermal overload protection mechanism which means it will cut off the internal components as soon as it reaches a particular temperature and then restart when the levels have reached the safe temperature readings. 

The duty cycle is calculated by the manufacturers at the standard conditions, and you should ideally find the details on the documentation that came with your welding machine. Please note that the duty cycle will increase with the decrease in the amperage. For instance, if a machine has a duty cycle of 200 Amps at 30 Percent, it can have a duty cycle at 145 A would be around 60 per cent. 

What Kind of Welding Machine do I need? 

The exact type of welding machine you need to go with would be dependent on your skill levels and the type of work that you are involved in. You will need to analyse those factors before finalising the right kind of welding machine for your needs. 

Types of welding machines and how do they fare?  

The following overview should provide you with a better understanding:

MIG Welding

  • Ease of learning  
  • Better welding speeds  
  • Can be best suited for thinner metals  
  • Cleaner welds 
TIG Welding

  • Better quality of welds  
  • Best look of the welded joints  
  • Heat can be adjusted  

Stick Welding

  • Best suited outdoor conditions  
  • Best meant for thicker metals  
  • Can be a great option to weld rusted material.  

Flux-cored welding

  • Can work with rusted metals  
  • Can be great if you have out of position joints  
  • Also help deep penetration of welding joints  
  • Higher metal deposits  

Make a proper review of the different welding processes and how efficient they would be in your individual cases; you can pick the right welding machine for your requirements. 

How Many Watts does a Welding Machine use? 

Calculating the power in Watts used by a welding machine would be dependent on various factors. The time is taken for welding a joint, the voltage and current ratings of the machine and ambient conditions. 

The Wattage can be calculated through the formula that reads:

 P (in watts) = Voltage (in volts) x Current (in Amps) 

If you weld a joint for an hour at 220 Volts and 120 amps, the power consumed would be  P= 220 x 120 = 26400 Watts.  

That would translate into 26.4 kiloWatts, and since we have welded for an hour, this would come up to 26.4 units of electricity. 

However, please note that the actual wattage consumed would be based on the duty cycle. A 25 per cent duty cycle would mean you have the machine consuming electricity for 25 per cent of the time, while idle for the 75 per cent of the time. That would mean the actual wattage consumed would be considerably less than the calculated measurement.  

What is the Best Welding Machine for Beginners?  

A MIG welding machine would be a better choice for the beginner. The MIG welding is easy to learn and thus can be a good option in the long run.  

The MIG welding process follows a semi-automatic mode. That would mean it will offer you an option of one free hand for the job. After making a beginning with the MIG welding machine and having acquired the requisite skills, you can move to the Stick or arc welding machine, which should be an all-time best option for professional welders. 

Will Welding Damage your Vision? 

Several things can be hazardous to your eyes. You would find that the welding process emits ultraviolet and infrared rays. These rays will both be emitted from the welding arc and the molten metal. These rays can be dangerous to your eyes and can damage your vision or even make you go blind.  

However, more than these ultraviolet and infrared rays, which can cause more issues to your eyes can be the debris from the weld pool.  

The UV and IR rays can cause a type of sunburns on your cornea. Called Photokeratitis, this phenomenon is not permanent but can be very painful. Your eyes should get back to normal in two to three days. However, if you have been adding sunburns to your cornea daily and add up to what it already has, it can cause severe vision issues.  

The best option to safeguard yourself when welding and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV and IR rays is to wear an ANSI approved welding helmet. Unlike in the days gone by, we now have auto-darkening glasses on the helmet which can further be an added advantage. And yes, Sunglasses DO NOT protect from the UV rays and can be dangerous. Make sure you wear the proper welding glasses with proper UV protection.  

Concluding Thoughts on Best Portable Weilding Machines in India

Well, picking the best portable welding machine for your day to day operations either at the office or home may be a tough call given the availability of different welding processes and machines. We assume the tips we have shared here should prove to be quite handy enough in resolving the issues you may be facing in choosing the right welding machine.  

While there are several types of welding machines are available, the inverter welding machines should be an excellent choice for almost all your requirements in terms of enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  

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