Best Air Coolers with Humidity Control in India

5 Best Air Coolers with Humidity Control in India #Features #PriceRange #Review

If you are experiencing extreme heat of summer and looking for a respite, a table fan or a pedestal fan is not just enough, and nothing can be better than an air cooler. Now that every one of us cannot afford an air conditioner and that is exactly what would make it a sensible decision to go with the air cooler.

However, air coolers may come with a disadvantage. They may cause an imbalance in the humidity inside your room, and if you are quite sensitive to the level of humidity, opting for the right air cooler with a humidity control would be an excellent option. From that perspective, let us check out a few air coolers that offer you an option for controlling the humidity appropriately.

How to Buy an Air Cooler – A Buying Guide for the Uninitiated

Like with any of the products we buy, having a proper checklist would be a great option for ensuring an effective and efficient purchase of an air cooler. What are the best factors you need to look for in your new air cooler? The tips here should be ideally a great option.

1. Size 2. Portability 3. Cooling Pads 4. Water Tank Capacity 5. Adjustable Speeds & Modes

That would be one of the most important aspects you should look for in your choice of air cooler. The bigger size will ensure that you will have access to more air. How would you find the right choice of the size?

The size of the air cooler is determined by the air delivery measured in CFM or CMM – Cubic feet per metre or Cubic metre per metre.

Calculate the area that you would want to cool and divide it by 2. That would give you the CFM or CMM of the air cooler that you should opt for.

You would not be keeping the air cooler at a single location or in a single particular room. You may need to move it from one room to another. This is where an easily operated castor would be much needed. The plastic castor wheels may not give you better performance and durability.

It may be a great option to check out if the air cooler comes with rubber or metal castors for long-lasting performance. You will find that it offers you improved portability and also provides you with a tear-free performance.

Cooling pads would be yet another important element you would want to focus on. If you are looking for efficient cooling, you would ideally need a cooling pad with a minimum of 90 mm thickness.

A thicker pad can absorb more water and thus can be more effective in cooling the surroundings. Change the number of pads as per your preferences. The pads can either be made of aspen or cellulose. Cellulose pads are widely used and are also known as honeycomb pads. The Aspen pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic rubber. They may not offer you a good performance.

An air cooler relies upon the evaporation of water for cooling the air around you. If you want an effective cooling efficiency, you should look for air cooler with a larger tank. The storage tank with a capacity of 20 to 30 litres would be an excellent option. If you are looking for a commercial establishment, you can opt for a cooler with up to 100 litre capacity.

The coolers normally come with an air mode, pump mode, and a swing mode. In addition, the availability of adjustable speeds would be another added advantage. You can opt for the speed of your preference. Ideally, a three-speed variation should be ideal enough.

Best Air Coolers with Humidity Control in India

Before we move ahead looking for the best air coolers with the best humidity control, it may be worthwhile to understand that the humid atmosphere may not work in an effective manner. The best way you can control the humidity in an air cooler would be to use ice cubes.

Having said that, let us check out a few good air coolers that offer you a capable humidity control option.

Cello Dura Cool 30 Ltrs – Best Air Cooler with Humidity Control

One of the best personal coolers, the Cello Dura Cool, offers you a humidity control as part of the package. However, you should notice that the humidity control in an air cooler would not be as efficient as on an air conditioner. The Honeycomb cooling pads can assure you an improved performance. The 180 Watts cooling efficacy provides you with enhanced performance.

The lightweight construction and multidirectional castors are what would bring you enhanced and improved portability. The optimum cooling with minimum voltage requirement ensures effective savings in terms of power consumption. The surround cooling system will ensure that you have access to a powerful air throw.

Best Air Coolers with Humidity Control in India

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The air cooler is inverter compatible. The cooler comes with powerful blowers and Turbo cooling system. You can also have access to a high-efficiency throw with the auto swing improves the quality of airflow inside your room.

Pros and Cons of Cello Dura Cool


  • Ensures an effective adjustable humidity control
  • Mosquito net and dust filter net for an improved efficiency
  • Completely compatible with the inverter.


  • No major cons
Cello Dura Cool FAQs

Q: Does it come with a fan?

A: It does have a blower

Q: How long will it work with full filled capacity?

A: 12 hours

Q: Which socket does it use?

A: 5 Amps socket

Symphony Hicooli 31 Litre Air Cooler – Best Air Cooler for Small Spaces

Best suited for cooling smaller spaces, the cooler can be the right option for a maximum comfort level. The full-function remote provides you access to ease of use and flexibility to the highest possible extent. The 31-litre capacity is good enough for prolonged hours of service. The Dura-Pump Technology & SMPS Technology offers a prolonged life for the pump.

The cooler reminds you of the water shortage with a five-second alarm, so you know exactly when you need to fill the water. The i-pure technology provides you access to five stages of air purification and cooling. The air cooler offers you an excellent performance standard with protection against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash.

Best Air Cooler in India

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The 185 Watts motor provides you with a high degree of power conservation. In addition, you also have a system restore function that helps the cooler remember the previous settings with ease. The cooler also works on inverter power, thereby providing enhanced productivity.

Pros and Cons of Symphony Hicooli Cooler


  • Feather touch control functionality
  • Cool flow dispenser assuring even distribution of water
  • Bed level air throw


  • Noise level is a little higher
  • May throw water occasionally
Symphony Hicooli Cooler FAQs

Q: Does the cooler have an auto drain?

A: No. You need to rain it out manually

Q: What room size is it suitable for?

A: It works for rooms with a size approximately of 12 * 12 Ft

Bajaj MD2020 – Best Air Cooler with Humidity Control for Large Rooms under INR 6,000

A whopping 54 litre capacity of the cooler offers you an exciting cooler atmosphere even for larger rooms. The cooler can be used in a room measuring 400 sq.feet. Three-speed controls, coupled with a four-way air distribution offers you a great cooling experience The cooler also offers you an exciting wood wool cooling at its best.

The stylish and durable design gives you access to improved usability. The pads are easily removable and thus help you clean it up properly and in a more efficient manner. The humidity control should be one of the thoughtful additions.

Bajaj Room Air Cooler

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Keep your home cooler enough with the inverter compatible performance offered by the Bajaj air cooler. Effective air throw to up to 8o feet.

Pros and Cons of Bajaj MD2020


  • A mammoth size of 54 litres
  • Best suited for a medium room
  • Easy to clean


  • Slightly noisy operation
Bajaj MD 2020 FAQs

Q: What is the wattage of the cooler?

A: 1000 Watts

Q: Does it have a stand?

A: No. You don’t get a stand with it.

Bajaj Frio – Best Air Cooler for Coastal Regions under INR 5,000

The 23-litre capacity should ideally be the right option for a room with 150 sq feet. It works efficiently enough and suits practically every climate and region. The best part with the cooler is it provides you with an effective cooling even in the coastal regions where the humidity is considerably higher. The castor wheels provide you access to improved portability.

The honeycomb pads ensure better cooling efficiency. What’s more – you can also have access to easier removal of the pads that assures complete cleaning. The compact design should be something that assists you in being able to use it even when you have space constraints. You also have access to a four-way air distribution functionality for complete cooling efficiency.

Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler

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The quieter operation is one of the areas that the cooler excels in. That should make it a perfect companion for those long nights in the hot summer. The capacity to throw air at the bed level should be yet another plus point.

Pros and Cons of Bajaj Frio


  • An attractive and sleek design
  • Extremely low noise performance
  • Quite lightweight and easy to handle


  • Smells a little odd at times
Bajaj Frio FAQs

Q: Is it compatible with the inverter?

A: Yes, you can use it with the inverter

Q: Does it have a variable speed control?

A: Yes, you get three-speed variations

Cello Swift – Best Window Air Cooler for Large Rooms

The 50 litre capacity of the cooler should ideally be the best suited for use for a room with 700 square feet. The international styling offered on the cooler is undeniably one of the unique options available on the platform. The Aspen wood cooling pads may appear to be low standard, but you can be assured of enhanced cooling efficiency.

Low electricity consumption, coupled with heavy cooling is what would indeed make it one of the worthy products. The surround cooling system provides you with a complete cooling all through the room. You also get a free trolley which can also be used as a centre table.

Cello Swift 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler

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The cooler can throw air to up to 45 feet. The 200 Watt power requirements would consume quite a low amount of electricity. The powerful 18-inch fan offers a huge throw of air. You can be assured of an optimized high-efficiency cooling.

Pros and Cons of Cello Swift


  • The cooler is compatible with the inverter
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Adjustable humidity control


  • Heavier sound
Cello Swift FAQs

Q: Does the cooler come with a single blower or dual ones?

A: It has a single blower

Q: Is any stand available with the cooler?

A: Yes, it comes with a powerful trolley.

How well do Evaporative Air Coolers Work?

Well, ideally speaking the air coolers we normally use these days are actually evaporative air coolers. That would mean they do not have much control over the humidity. If you want to dig a little deeper into the concept of evaporative coolers, they are nothing more than the mobile fans when the humidity levels go up to around 70 percent.

Humidity is defined as the amount of water present in the air. An evaporative air cooler cools the air around you by continuously evaporating the water droplets in the air. Once the humidity reaches above the value of 70 percent, you would find that the evaporation completely stops and you feel warmer than the actual temperature around you.

The coolers can be effective enough in a situation where the relative humidity is less than 60 percent. However, if you already have a dry weather condition, the use of an air cooler with humidity control can effectively help you humidify the dry air around you.

Air Cooler Capacity Calculation – how to calculate the capacity of an air cooler you need

If you want to make effective use of an air cooler, you should choose an air cooler that offers you just the right amount of air. The Capacity of the air cooler would ideally assume a lot of importance and knowing how to calculate it can be a great option.

Here is how you can calculate the capacity or size of the air cooler you would need.

The air cooler capacity is measured based on-air delivery. The air delivery is measured either as CFM – cubic feet per minute or CMM – Cubic metre per minute. This refers to the amount of fresh air circulated through the area per minute.

Check the floor area and the height of the ceiling for arriving at the right CFM or CMM for your new air cooler. Let us assume you want to cool a room with 400 sq feet area that has an 8 feet ceiling. The total volume will now come up to Area x ceiling height. In our case, 3200 cubic feet.

Since you have two air changes per hour, the total air requirement is 3200 x 2 = 6400 cubic feet per hour. The per-minute rate thus comes up to 6400/60 = 107 CFM.

Thus, for your requirements, you need a cooler with a minimum capacity of 107 CFM. If you measure the area and the height in metres instead of feet, you will get a value in CMM.

Air Cooler Power Consumption in Watts

Want to estimate the power consumption of an air cooler in Watts? Well, that should be much easier and simpler enough. In fact, a quick look at the label for the air cooler should provide you with info into the Wattage for the product.

Wattage stands for Voltage x Amps. If for some reason, the air cooler does not specify the power consumption in Watts, you can calculate it using the formula here:

Watts = Volts x Amps

The electrical consumption is actually calculated in kWh or Kilowatt Hour, which is termed as one unit. The formula for arriving at the total power consumption would be

Power Consumption in kWh = Wattage x number of hours that the appliance has run/1000.

How to Use Ice with Air Coolers?

Air coolers have been considered to be a replacement for air conditioners. They can also be used with air conditioners. If you want to use them for efficient cooling, ice boxes would be an excellent option.

If your air cooler comes with an ice box, the effect of ice would be more pronounced and efficient. If the cooler does not come with an ice box, you can mix the ice cubes in the water for an enhanced experience.

If the air cooler comes with an ice box, follow the tips here for an efficient cooling:

  • Fill up the ice boxes of your air cooler with water and place them inside the freezer.
  • Remove the ice boxes once they have frozen and put them inside air cooler
  • Run the pump so that the ice cubes make the water and the surrounding areas a little cooler.

The exact method to use would be dependent upon the method used on your cooler. It would be wiser enough to check it out through the instruction manual.

Can I use Air Cooler in a Computer Room?

Air coolers can increase humidity levels. That would make your computer begin performing strange enough. The best advice will be to check if your cooler produces a heavy amount of humidity.

It may be worthwhile to notice that the heat and humidity are the two factors that can seriously affect the proper functioning of your computer or similar other electronic items. Overheating can happen both due to your electrical issues if any or the ambient conditions.

Water and electricity never get together well. This holds true of electronics as well. Now that humidity is actually water particles within air, too much of humidity can cause serious concerns with respect to your computer and its performance. If your air cooler tends to humidify the environment, it can corrode the computer components and cause the system to break down ultimately. High humidity can also cause condensation inside the computer components and thus result in serious damage like a short circuit.

Ideal humidity levels should be between 45 to 60 per cent, and in case your air cooler maintains that level, it can be a good option to go with the air cooler for your computer room.

Types of Air Coolers

Basically speaking, you have only two types of air coolers. One of them is referred to as Desert Air Cooler, and another is named Personal Air cooler. The difference between them should ideally be evident from the name itself.

Personal Air Cooler

The personal air cooler is also referred to as Room air cooler. They are smaller and compact. They are quite portable and can be placed near your bed, dining table, or whichever location you want to cool down.

They come with a tank capacity of around 25 to 40 litres. These coolers have fans or blowers for efficient air delivery inside the room. The castor wheels provided on these coolers ensure easier mobility from one room to another.

Personal coolers are highly energy-efficient and consume a considerably lower amount of energy.

Desert Cooler

These coolers are designed to work in larger areas. These air coolers can have a capacity of around 60 to 100 litres. In fact, they can even be used effectively for outdoor applications. These coolers are equipped with heavy fans and can effectively cool off a considerably larger area.

Obviously enough, these coolers will need more power, more water, and tend to occupy more space. Moving them from one place to another may also be a difficult task without a manual or another sort of labour. They can work efficiently for a longer period than personal coolers. The desert coolers would be the right choice for areas like halls, restaurants, banquet halls, big offices, and prayer houses.

Apart from these two major air cooler types, you may also come across a few other types which are not quite common in India.

The Tower coolers can be the right option if you have less space and looking to add more value to your décor. These are slimmer and sleek and offer high air delivery. The Window Coolers are the ones that are installed in a window. Akin to window ACs, they do not take much space for installation. You can even use them on trolleys and move from one place to another. They offer similar functionality as a low profile AC would and consume a minimal amount of electricity when compared to an AC.

What are the advantages of using an Air Cooler?

Having gone through enough details on the best features offered by air coolers, it would be apt to check out a few advantages offered by the air coolers.

The first and foremost reason that would make air coolers a great option is their price. Compared to the air conditioners, they tend to be extremely cost-effective. A good air cooler can be availed at a price of around Rs. 8000 to 9000, while the pricing of the low profile AC starts at Rs. 30,000.

A larger room will ideally need at least two ACs while opting for a desert air cooler would be an affordable option. The operating cost of an air cooler would be considerably lower than that would be applicable to an Air conditioner.

The air cooler will provide you cooler and natural flow of air compared to the other artificial options. It will also tend to be less allergic, while the air conditioners can cause allergic reactions in some. They are more environment-friendly when compared to air conditioners.

Last, but not the least, the air coolers are highly portable. You can easily move them from one place to another. Moving an air conditioner would not be easier enough.

Okay, those were the advantages offered by the air coolers. Do we face any sort of disadvantage with the air coolers? Well, let us check them out as well.

They may not be quite effective in areas where you tend to experience high humidity. Some such regions would include coastal areas. This is because the air coolers cool the surrounding air by releasing water into the air. The humid air cannot take any more water and thus ends up producing no cooling effect at all.

Continued maintenance is yet another issue that affects air coolers. You need to fill in the water each night. If you are from an area that has water scarcity, this can be a difficult task. Yet another disadvantage you would face with the air coolers is the noise they would make. Even the quietest of the air coolers are bund to produce some sort of noise. This can be a concern if you are of those who cannot sleep properly in case of any noise.

Air Coolers – A Few FAQs worth Checking Out

Last, but not necessarily the least we will try answering a few queries you may have with respect to the air coolers.

How do evaporative coolers work?

A – The warm air is drawn into the air cooler it passes through wet cooling pads. The air thus gets mixed with the water inside the cooling pads, and the water loses its heat and evaporates. Thus, the resultant cooler air is distributed to the intended area.

Which cooler is best - plastic or iron?

A – Obviously, the steel coolers are best from the durability point of view. They can also help you take care of the wear and tear or other damages. However, portability may be affected to some extent when compared to the plastic counterparts.

Which is the best air cooler for Mumbai climate?

A –Air coolers are not much effective when it comes to the humid climates like in the case of Mumbai or similar coastal regions. However, you can make them work by making them run during the drier spells. For instance, you can switch to an air cooler when the climate is dry and move to the air conditioner when the climate turns humid. Ideally, we would recommend opting for any desert cooler in humid climates and opt for the air coolers that offers humidity control. You can choose any of the options outlined above.

Is air cooler effective in Bangalore?
A –Air coolers would not be the right options in coastal areas where the air is quite humid. Since Bangalore is not humid, an air cooler would be an excellent choice for handling summers.
Is air cooler effective in Chennai?
A –Chennai can get quite humid and hot. We would actually recommend an air conditioner than a cooler in these climatic conditions. However, you can move between an air cooler and an Air conditioner depending on whether the weather conditioner is humid or dry. This can help you save on electricity.
Will air cooler cause Asthma?
A –An air conditioner can be an issue for an Asthma patient. However, air coolers should not pose any issue as such. In any case, if you do not have issues like Asthma, the air coolers do not necessarily cause it.
What are the disadvantages of air cooler on health?
A – Air coolers do not come with any health-related disadvantages as such. In fact, there have been a few rumors doing the round that air cooler causes health issues. However, there is nothing that goes to prove it.

Well, that was perhaps complete information on the air coolers and how effective they can be. Along with the best air coolers that offer the humidity control functionality, we have also shared enough information with respect to the air coolers and the myths surrounding them.

Check out those air coolers and share your thoughts with us. You may also share any further useful information on the air coolers and their utility value as well.

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