About us

Beast5.in is a website intended to help people who buy stuff online. When people buy anything offline, they have better chance to check the products in a much better way but buying online is quite different as they can only check out the features and images of the products; they cannot physically touch the products. Therefore, it is very important to know more about every product so that they get the best . As after getting the product, if there are some problems with it or you don’t like it at all, you have to put a return request and all which is made easy by the e-commerce sites nowadays, but you have to wait for your refund money to be credited back to your bank. So, why not buy only good products online so that you don’t have to wait for return and refund process?

But, that is the problem as many people out there cannot find out the best products online. There comes beast5.in that is intended to help the buyers select the best products online.

As the domain name says, “Beast5”, there will be articles have the best 5 products only. No big lists, no confusions. You will get only the best 5 so that you can make your selection easier.

How Do We Choose the Best 5?

To be honest, we cannot use every product that we write about, but yes few products are there which we may use before creating the content. Moreover, for choosing the best 5, we do our homework by researching the market, compare different products that are similar in terms of the user reviews, pricing, features, etc. to find out the best ones for you. When we get our “5 Beasts”, we create content for that particular product list so that you can find it out while searching for the best products on Google and other search engines.

When you come to the page of a particular list, you will see the products’ images, Features, Pros & Cons, FAQs, and things to consider while buying. Most importantly, the terms that may look a bit foreign for most of the readers are well explained in the content as well.

In short, beast5.in is your ultimate destination to find the best 5 products (products can be anything from electronics to books, home appliances, and so on).

Later, if you got any question, you can ask in the comments, which will be replied by us with the best solution we could get for you.

Why Should You Use Beast5.in?

As we have shown the process of creating the content with the best list of 5, we are sure, that is one of the reasons you must visit beast5.in for finding the best products, and also know more about them before you think of buying them.

Also, this website is dedicated to our Indian community only since we are listing the products from Indian e-commerce sites such as Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.

Since beast5.in is created by Indians and for Indians, you will be able to connect more with this site and find out the best products of your choice.

Another thing is, by listing the best products for you, we help you spend your hard earned money wisely. There are cases where users are not much aware of the products, and they buy them unknowingly without knowing the pros and cons of those and their money either go waste or if they ask for a refund, it takes time to get the money back. So, why not choose the best product at the very first attempt to save your time, and get the best product at the earliest. And, for that reason, beast5.in is created, and you must take reference from it before making a buying decision.

We hope we have given enough information about beast5.in. Moreover, if you have any questions, you can write to us using the contact form.

So, stop waiting, and please browse beast5.in, and find out the best products to buy. All the Best!