Best Kadai for Indian Cooking

Best 5 Litres Non-Stick Kadai for Deep Frying in India

We are Indians, and we love the combination of tea and pakoras on a rainy evening. Then there are several other deep-fried delicacies in every part of India that include the mouth-watering samosas, vadas and what not. But, if you want to cook those delicacies, you would need one most important cookware. The kadai or the deep fry pan is what would assist you cook those wonderful street-food style delicacies as the dum biryani vessel helps us to enjoy delicious biryani.

So, if you want to buy the best deep-fry kadai and enjoy the mouth-watering dishes whenever you want – without having to get out of your home, let us check out the options for the best 5 Litre non-stick kadais. Before that, as we do for all other kitchen appliances let us check out the factors to be considered for buying such a kadai.

How to Buy a Best Kadai for Indian Cooking – The Perfect Guide

Before we can move ahead to find the best 5 litres non-stick kadais you can opt for, it may be apt to check out a few factors that you should look for in your kadai for Indian cooking. A sort of checklist for your purchase, should work efficiently enough for almost all your needs.

1. Size 2. Material 3. Depth & Thickness 4. Handle 5. Ease of Cleaning

The size of the kadai you choose should be dependent upon the total number of your family members. How much food you cook should ideally decide the size of the cookware you choose.

For the sake of this post, we will stick to the 5 litre capacity. Of course, you can choose a cookware based on your preferences. This big size 5L non-stick kadai shall well serve a family with 5-7 members.

Since a kadai is used for deep frying, it may be necessary to give a thought to corrosion-resistant properties in your kadai. In those cases, it may be a preferable option to go with Aluminium.

Cast iron kadais can be an excellent option if you are checking out the options like heat conduction and heat retention. They also tend to be durable.

The heavy bottom stainless steel kadais can be an excellent option if you are looking for induction cooktops.

Indian delicacies need both good depth and width to cook the food. A deeper and wider kadai will also be able to retain more heat. This will also be helpful in letting you prevent the food from burning.

However, it may be noted that it can take a while to complete your cooking. Your cooking pace will be reduced. For this you should ensure you are buying best kadai for deep frying.

The handle should be long enough to prevent your hands from getting burnt. You can even opt for the shorter dual handles. The shorter double handles can be helpful enough in having a sturdy grip.

However, both of them come with their own cons. A longer handle may put more load on your hand, while the stronger one can burn your hand.

Ease of cleaning can be yet another factor you may need to pay attention to. In fact, a non-stick kadai can be the right option for use with ease of cleaning and will also help with a better level of cooking.

These were a few features which ensure that you buy the best non-stick kadai for deep frying or cooking any of the delicious Indian cuisines. Now, let us go through the list of 5 best non-stick kadais for your kitchen.

List of Best 5 Litres Non-Stick Kadai for Deep Frying in India

Having checked the best features, we know that there are several non-stick kadai options be it for deep frying, with glass lid, of a big size, etc. We have made the task easier by shortlisting the few best options available in India. While we are focussing on a kadai with 5-litre capacity, we would also be adding up the products with a slightly lesser or more capacity which might be more convenient for your use.

Usha Shriram – Best Heavy Bottom Stainless Steel Kadai

The kadai does provide you access an excellent performance with a three layer coating. What makes it one of the great options would be metal friendly nature of the Kadai. The 3.25 mm thick aluminium construction is both durable and an efficient heat conductor. The handles are made of bakelite and thus do not burn your hands. The stainless steel lid should ideally be one of the best features making it a perfect choice.

Best Heavy Bottom Stainless Steel Kadai

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The Kadai is compatible with gas stoves. The stainless steel and thick body would be a few features that would make one of the best options for even heat distribution and heat retention. The Kadai is well designed to prevent overcooking.

Pros and Cons of Usha Shriram


  • Easy to clean.
  • Two times harder than steel.
  • Ensures that the food is crisper and tastier without burning them.


  • Not compatible with induction cooktop.
Usha Shriram FAQs

Q: What is the diameter of the cookware?

A: 285 mm

Q: Is it metal spoon compatible?

A: Yes, it is metal spoon compatible.

Vinod Cookware – Best Non-Stick Kadai with Glass Lid

Harder than steel, the cookware comes with the world class anodised material. The kadai is compatible with gas stoves and offers you an even heating functionality. The coating is completely non-toxic and no staining. This would ensure that you have no issues with the food being contaminated.

Best Non-Stick Kadai with Glass Lid

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The material of the coating or the construction does not get spoiled by heat. The product comes with a capacity of 5.5 litres. The 28 cm thickness on the product would ideally make it one of the excellent option you would want to go with the best possible heat transfer rate. This is best choice when it comes to selecting best non-stick kadai with a glass lid.

Pros and Cons of Vinod Cookware


  • The build quality is an excellent option.
  • Non-reactive material.


  • It is not compatible with induction cooktop.
Vinod Cookware FAQs

Q: Is it suitable for a family of 5-6 members?

A: Yes. It is suitable for big families.

Q: Is it perfect non-stick?

A: Yes, it is a perfect non-stick kadai.

Nirlep Ebony – Best Non-Stick Kadai of Big Size

The kadai comes with the hard anodised surface that would provide you a long-lasting functionality. The glass lid that comes with the toughened material can be an excellent option. The glass lid comes with the option that assists you in having a look into the food under preparation.

Best Non-Stick Kadai of Big Size

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The bottom of the cookware is one of the excellent options and provides you access to an excellent option in the form of even heat dissipation. The material is so strong that you will have access to a lack of warping. The handle on the cookware comes with the sturdy SS material and offers a silicone sleeve that is cool to touch.

Pros and Cons of Nirlep Ebony


  • The ergonomic design of the handle.
  • Hard anodised material is stronger than steel.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Not induction friendly.
Nirlep Ebony FAQs

Q: What is the warranty on the product?

A: It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Q: What are the dimensions of the cookware?

A: 28 cm diameter and 11 cm depth.

MINTAGE – Best Kadai for Deep Frying

The non-stick kadai has the durable build quality and has an exceptional trust factor. The manufacturers claim that the cookware is manufactured with a unique patented manufacturing process. The hard anodised surface would make it one of the excellent options. This will provide you access to enhanced protection.

Best Kadai for Deep Frying

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The kadai has an excellent construction that offers you an excellent and perfect heat delivery and even heat dissipation. The non-stick coating lasts longer than most other options in the same genre. The thickness at the kadai reads 3.25 mm, which should be one of the best. It has a stainless steel lid.

Pros and Cons of Mintage


  • It is compatible with both gas stove and induction cook top.
  • Ease of cooking and cleaning.
  • Uniform cooking.


  • The lid being stainless steel, you cannot observe cooking process.
Mintage FAQs

Q: Is it compatible with the dishwasher?

A: Yes, it can work with the dishwasher.

Q: What is the weight of the product?

A: The weight of the cookware is 380 grams.

Vinod – Best Kadai for Indian Cooking

The kadai comes with a non-stick coating that does not require much oil, but the capacity is limited to 4.1 litres. However, you can be assured of a durable coating that should last more than what you would expect. The abrasion and wear-resistant material is designed to provide you the best possible performance. The kadai works with almost all heat sources.

Best Kadai for Indian Cooking

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The glass lid should be one of the best options that let you have a look at the cooking state of your ingredients. The two-sided silicone handle is cool to touch and makes handling of your pan an easy task without burn injuries. The metal spoon friendly coating is yet another advantage. The induction compatible base also comes with warp protection.

Pros and Cons of Vinod


  • Ease of cleaning and high end durability.
  • Highly lightweight and thus easy to handle.
  • Aluminium body ensures an effective heat conduction


  • No major cons.
Vinod FAQs

Q: How many layers of the coating does it use?

A: It uses three layers of coating.

Q: Can it be used on an induction cooktop?

A: Yes, the kadai is compatible with both induction and gas stove.

Passing Thoughts on Best Non-stick Kadai with 5 Litres Capacity

Like many other kitchen appliances, the non-stick kadai or deep fry pan is one of the major options for your needs in deep-fried delicacies. Of course, finding the kadai with five-liter capacity may not ideally be an easy task. However, we have attempted to find the best options in 5 litre non-stick kadai to serve your purpose.

Check out the above options and share your thoughts and expectations on the best non-stick kadai of 5-litres capacity with us. You may also suggest any products that you may have used so that we can add them to our list.

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